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The city of Melbourne is the dynamic capital of Victoria which shows a lucrative combination of culture, modernity, and elegance charisma. It is situated alongside the Yarra River banks. This multicultural region can easily blend its traditional legacy with urban phenomena.

Where outstanding horizon represents infrastructure spectacles and busy lively lanes with culturally diverse inhabitants, exposure, and essence. Starting from the renowned Square Association to the overcrowded Market of Queen Victoria this region has offered countless attractive traits to discover and participate in different activities.

International aspirants confessed their love for the innovative prospect and ethnicity of the city which can be explored within their distinct art galleries, auditoriums, and musical settings which cater to varied choices of entrants. Candidates seeking for secured locality to accommodate is crucial as a person wants to reside in a suitable property and provide comfort as per the residential requirement of aspirants.

In this blog, we are going to discuss various reasons to live in Melbourne and talk about the average cost of living in Melbourne and life in Melbourne for Indians.

Reasons to Live in Melbourne


It is situated in the northern region which is a perfect locality for candidates as numerous leading universities are located near Carlton region such as Melbourne University and Institute of RMIT. This area is an abode for several masses of occupants which creates a lively and vibrant environment.

It also comprises attractive food joints, cafeterias, and splendid Gardens with the well-known Museum of Melbourne within cities neighborhood offering a unique combination of cultural exposure and serene views. Life in Melbourne for Indians is quite secure and comfortable with various housing facilities options in students’ budgets.


The reasons to live in Melbourne are infinite and Fitzroy is just one of them as this city is located in the north-eastern region. It is famous for its carefree outlook and vibrant charisma where the core locality of the city is considered a favorable choice for candidates due to its dynamic musical setting, attractive food joints, and innovative streets.

The city is situated close to the top-most educational institutions like the Catholic Institute of Australia, and the Entertainment School of Collarts. Where Lane of Brunswick is a prime passage for attractive stores, classy outlets, and exceptional bars which makes it a center for young professionals to seek a lively social life.

Where average cost of living in Melbourne is quite budget-friendly offering shared rooms, urban apartment complexes, and varied other housing facilities at numerous price ranges.

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Life in Melbourne for Indians is really exciting where the city of Parkville located in the Northern region is famous for being the academic destination hub of leading universities of Melbourne.

This region has grabbed the attention of international students and localities boosting their stunning parks which involve Princes and Royal Park offering candidates more than enough green spots for relaxing and innovating new ideas.

Various reasons to live in Melbourne highlight this city for its transportation facilities provided to the general public within this neighborhood to make sure that candidates can discover attractive locations of the city. Furthermore, various recreational activities are provided for students in the Zoo of Melbourne Hockey Centre, and State Netball field.


The life in Melbourne for Indians can be witnessed in Brunswick city which is one of the most prominent locality of this city. It is situated within the northern region holding a lively and inclusive neighbourhood that attracts candidates looking for multi-cultural and dynamic social circle.

This region is abode to the University of RMIT and other academic establishments located near this area. Sydney Street is a primary location for a variety of cafeterias, restaurants, and stores that serve varied ethnic backdrops, catering candidates an exceptional cooking experience.

Such localities anchor an infinite number of live musical sets, uncountable art galleries, and space for social gatherings, nurturing innovative and appealing environments. Where average cost of living in Melbourne is quite affordable for students in their neighbourhood.

South Yarra

This region has justified reasons to live in Melbourne which is situated in the southern area. It is a perfect neighborhood for candidates seeking a unique combination of accessibility, sophistication, and amusement. It delivers swift access to establishments like the University of Swinburne Technology and Melbourne University.

Where Chapel Road is a popular shopping center comprising stores such as fashion outlets, the latest clubs, and overcrowded nightlife which has caught the attention of youth looking for lively social settings. This locality is an abode of splendid parks which comprise Fawkner Park and Garden of Royal Botanic providing aspirants with beautiful spots within outdoor space.

The average cost of living in the Melbourne region offers exceptional charisma and stands on top. With lucrative academic opportunities, a dynamic societal setting budget-friendly accommodation options, and innovative activities for both national and international applicants are available.


It has been concluded from this blog that life in Melbourne for Indians is considered a lucrative opportunity at both personal and professional levels. It discusses various reasons to live in Melbourne City and the convenience of international students concerning different traits of every region and their average cost of living in Melbourne. 

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