494 Visa

The Skilled Workers Nominated Regional [Interim] permit [494 subclass] creates a pathway for applicants to review the requirements of regional employers based in Australia. Such entry permit allows local administrators to raise recognized concerns regarding worker shortages within specific regions. In contrast, nominated proficient employees from overseas are employed in case employers cannot find workers within Australian jurisdiction. This visa form enables sponsored employers to reside within a nominated regional area within Australian jurisdiction excluding Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, etc.  The interim permit is applicable both inside and outside the territorial limit of Australia and assesses the fitness and character requisites of applicants which is their topmost criteria under subclass 494. In some cases, this work permit requires an individual to qualify for English Linguistic Assessment and other relevant requirements to obtain a 494 visa. In this blog, we are going to discuss occupational opportunities in Australia and understand eligibility conditions, mandatory documents, reasons to select this visa. Furthermore, comprehend the process of applying for such a visa.

494 Visa

Why should you select 494 Visa?

The proficient employer-nominated regional temporary permit subclass 494 is usually approved by the visa department of Australia to discuss worker shortages within the nation. This entry permit guides an employer in the Australian region to issue nomination letter for overseas skilled employees who aspire to reside and practice the occupation in the country. Whereas, the prescribed permit authority has also introduced this visa subclass of 494 as the regional employer of the nation was incapable of seeking a proficient worker in Australia to carry out an appropriate employment position. It selects eligible employees who are under the age of 45 years and such a person is capable of fulfilling the English linguistic skill requisites and meet other mandatory eligibility conditions to obtain 494 visa. This subclass of entry permit is categorized into three different streams which comprise the Employer Nomination Stream, Subsequent Applicant, and Worker Agreement Visa Stream. The employees’ agreement work permit is admissible for overseas aspirants who are sanctioned by an approved employer possessing a worker's agreement with the Australian Government. Such a visa subclass enables candidates to settle in the nation for a minimum period of five years in their specialized field. If an entrant wants to register for a perpetual residency then the competent person must meet the eligibility criteria set for such a permit. After complying with specified requirements applicants can enroll for a PR visa after staying at least three years to attain visa approval. Jagvimal Consultants can assist the interested candidates in comprehending the procedure and parameters before applying such a permit. The 494 visa entitles applicants to enjoy certain privileges after achieving this permit subclass such as:

  • The candidates are permitted to settle in the Australian region for at least five years.
  • While submitting such permit form aspirants can practice professions with their education in the country without facing any setbacks excluding certain locations such as Brisbane, Melbourne, Sydney, etc. It allows entrants to pursue their study prospects anywhere in Australia.
  • It enables the applicant to commute inshore and offshore regions of the nation for an indefinite period as per their desire during visa tenure of 494 subclass.
  • In case where candidates meet eligibility conditions then such a person can register for perpetual residency after living for three years as an eligible visa holder under a 494 permit.
  • The dependents of aspirants can also go along with eligible candidates if they aspire to settle in Australian territory.

Types of 494 Visa Stream

The 494 visa allows aspirants to settle in the Australian region after receiving a sponsorship letter from their native employer. It is the sole responsibility of employers to nominate suitable workers who generally hold the required qualifications and skills within a required field where several job positions are unoccupied. It comprises different types of streams in 494 permit:

Employers Nominated Streams: It allows aspirants to carry out occupation, pursue education, and settle in a nominated region of Australia for a least 5 years. This visa stream enables candidates to enter and exit Australian territory as per their wish for an indefinite period during their visa tenure. An applicant can achieve a PR permit in Australia after possessing a 494 visa subclass for a minimum period of 3 years and meet mandatory requisites to support individual 494 visa applications. It gives access to include close family relatives with eligible candidates' permit applications.

The 494 visa comprises numerous eligibility conditions such as:

  1. Aspirants must be below 45 years of age while registering entry permit 494 sub-category.
  2. The sanctioned employers should run a legitimate business in the Australian region. It requires applicants to obtain a sponsorship letter for carrying out employment in Australia.
  3. Before registering for the 494 visa application, eligible entrants are required to qualify skill evaluation exam which shows qualified marks within the skills required for receiving work opportunities in the Australian region.
  4. It is necessary to apply for an appropriate job position that is furnished in the skilled occupational list sanctioned by the prescribed authority.
  5. The candidates must attain the required band in their English linguistic test to receive visa approval.

Workers Agreement Visa Stream: It enables candidates to settle for 5 years in a sponsored region of Australia which facilitates applicants to practice occupation or commence their education in specified stream. This visa permits individuals to commute in and out within the Australian region for an indefinite period lasting till the expiry of visa. Such visa holders must stay in the country for 3 years under a 494 permit which further qualifies applicants to apply for a PR visa. The 494 visa allows candidates to add their family relatives with their travel permit application. It comprises several clauses of eligibility criteria such as:

  1. The sponsored employment should be incorporated with the workers' agreement which is constituted between the sponsor and the National Government.
  2. The age range of candidates should be below 45 years during their visa registration within the 494 permit subclass.
  3. It requires applicants to hold professional exposure in the occupational stream with relevant skills showing their expertise in the skilled employment list.
  4. This visa needs applicants to attach a positive skill evaluation credentialthat displays individuals’ proficiency in the particular field of work within a sponsored or registered arena.

Subsequent Candidates Stream Visa: It is designed for eligible candidates to live in Australian territory till their expiration of visa. The entry permit enables individuals to commute inside and outside regional areas of Australia for indefinite times following duration of visa validity. Such forms of visa facilitate applicants to settle in Australia for at least 5 years within the selected area of the country. This visa allows competent candidates to carry out employment with their studies. Various parameters of eligibility criteria are as follows:

  1. An applicant should include dependents who are the main SESR permit holders or chief aspirants for this stream of visa.
  2. The candidates must be sponsored by their main SESR travel permit holder occupational nominator who has majorly added eligible applicants within the sponsorship procedure as their close family relatives.
  3. Such individuals should not exceed the age limit of 45 years while applying for this visa stream.
  4. It requires applicants to meet basic requirements for obtaining a work entry permit. For instance, English Linguistic Skills.

Advantages of Issuing 494 Visa

This travel permit comprises numerous benefits for applicants who receive visa approval of the 494 subclass such as:

  • This visa subclass allows aspirants to settle or reside in a chosen region of Australia for at least five years.
  • If candidates become competent then individuals can register for a PR permit after living for three years almost in Australia region through the 191 visa route.
  • The applicants can also add their dependents while applying permit application form.
  • An applicant can avail up tofive extra points after receiving invitation from their employer which will ultimately provide additional gain for potential aspirants who has been exploring the possibility of staying in Australian territory within a selected region of the country.
  • It also gives applicants access to healthcare amenities or Medicare.
  • Such a travel permit allows candidates to commute anywhere in Australia under the 494 visa subclass.
  • This permit provides entrants’ access to Local Employment Lists for seeking varied occupational opportunities in comparison to non-regional grade.
  • It also prioritizes eligible applicants during the negotiation of the region particularly DAMAs [Areas Designated for Immigration Agents]
  • The potential candidates holding travel permits can avail privileges of the public maintenance facility.

Eligibility Requirements

This visa sub-category directs candidates to meet the following clauses of basic requisites that individuals should fulfill to obtain 491 visa approval.

  • A permit holder should be below the age of 45 years during registration of visa application.
  • The aspirants must possess competency in English linguistic arena.
  • An individual is generally hired within sponsored work stream for at least three years as a full-time worker holding prominent expertise as per requirement in the nominated field of occupation.
  • Such applicants should be sponsored in a job role within occupational or a connected unit of the specific profession located in a selected Australian region.
  • Before registering entry permit, an approved employer must register for sponsorship application on eligible candidates’ account which is only possible if such an employer holds a sanctioned occupation sponsor title or has submitted a standard application form concerning a certified business nominator. 
  • If any applicant registers under the Worker Agreement Visa Stream which is subject to the employees’ agreement contracted between the sponsoring employer and the National Government.
  • The candidates should qualify positive skill examination for a prescribed stream of work sponsored by the suitable administering authority which usually verifies whether eligible applicant hold the required skill level relevant to the sponsored employment position in issue.
  • An aspirant must be sponsored by an employer who holds a legal administering business within the Australian territory.
  • The applicants applying for a perpetual residency permit in the Australian region should comply with basic requisites concerning medical and character criterion outlined under DHA regulation [Home Affairs Department].  
  • It also necessitates individuals to make sure that aspirants’ history of entry permit status does not involve any visa cancellation or former refusal of application during individuals’ previous stay in Australian territory.
  • An applicant and their family relatives must fulfill their debts or unpaid amount which they might be indebted to the government of Australian territory.
  • Aspirants aged more than 16 years must affix a signature within the Value Statement of Australia displaying the local inhabitants’ standard of living within the Australian region and abide by mandatory legal regulations of Australia persistently.

Required Documents

The 494 visa comprises a list of documents and paperwork that aspirants must submit with their visa application in an accurate and organized manner. Applicants must include proper translation of such documentation in the English language for obtaining visa approval. An aspirant should keep required paperwork handy and gather them collectively as such a list of documents can be lengthy. Some of the required paperwork are as follows:

  • The identification card must be included as a piece of evidence which includes valid copy of the passport.
  • An individual should also attach a scorecard of English Linguistic proficiency as a proof.
  • If aspirants have changed their names then an updated certificate regarding the same shall be submitted with the visa application.
  • The candidates must qualify positive skill examination which includes numerous paperwork such as proof of their academic qualifications, previous permit approval, and registration certificate issued by prescribed authority and recommendation credentials provided by their former organization as required within the appropriate visa form.
  • A candidate shall provide accurate and valid medical assessment paperwork.
  • An applicant must possess evidence concerning their approved medical insurance credentials throughout their stay within Australian territory.
  • The individuals should attach proof of their decent character which mandates aspirants to submit police clearance credentials for every nation within which candidates have settled for at least one year or 12 months. It comprises other paperwork also to support the good personality of individuals as per migration department guidelines recommendation.
  • If applicants add their spouse under 494 visa application then it shall comprise valid identification card paperwork, character certificate, and proof supporting their marital relationship or de facto association.
  • Applicants intending to include their close family members with them are required to attach valid documents of their dependents such as valid copies of their passport, and birth certificates, considering their age, personality assessment-related paperwork, etc.
  • After verifying the documents of their added partner if DHA [Department of Home Affair] finds out that the eligible candidate is neither wedded nor within de facto association with their significant partner then such competent entry permit form might get annulled.

The process to Apply for 494 Visa

The international candidates applying for the 494 visa subclass must fulfill the following steps before applying for this permit. It requires aspirants to gather essential documents which is mandated within the 494 visa grant. A prescribed list of paperwork may assist candidates in obtaining a visa without facing any refusal or termination of the travel permit form. An applicant must comply with the entry permit 494 subclass process which is discussed below-

  • The first stage requires aspirants to gather necessary credentials such as a certificate of positive skill evaluation, a valid scorecard comprising English Linguistic proficiency assessment and good character requisites, and medical criterion paperwork.
  • The second step mandates applicants to arrange the essential list of paperwork which comprises a professional exposure certificate, credentials including age-related information, ID card evidencerelated documents, English Linguistic requisites, and educational qualification transcript with other required documents.
  • In the third stage candidates should visit the official website of immigration authorities to fill the particular visa application through virtual mode and enter accurate and necessary information such as personal details, academic qualification, and occupational data with other essential paperwork to support their permit and receive approval herein. It is required for aspirants to reside in the Australian region while applying for a permit application within 494 subclass.
  • After submitting their visa application candidates will be notified concerning their permit status from appropriate immigration authorities. The fourth step generally processes the permit form post-submission and provides valid notification whether extra information such as required documents to approve the PR visa 494 subclass is needed. If immigration authorities indicate any additional requirement then applicants must submit the required information or paperwork at the initial stage.
  • In the last and fifth stages after processing the permit application candidates will receive the final outcome status whether their visa form has been approved or not. If the entry permit application is accepted then certain information concerning the visa grant shall be provided such as registration number, date of issuing permit application, and so on will be notified to the aspirants. If, the permit application gets cancelled or refused then the appropriate reason for refusal shall be notified to the candidate but the application fee will be non-refundable irrespective of the result.

Processing Time and Application Fees

The 494 visa application processing time usually differs depending on the circumstances of aspirants which are distinct from one another. It mainly relies on numerous parameters within a specific duration. Applicants’ entry permit processing time might be longer and take more time to process if the information provided in the visa form is not valid or proper. The procedure for such a visa may get stretched due to the delay in response of applicants concerning issues raised by the immigration department while processing travel permit application form status.

On the other hand prescribed visa application fee shall be paid up to AUD 4,640.00 approx. However, additional dependents added in the 494 subclass form shall be mandated to submit extra charges such as AUD 4115 conferring applicants who are above 18 years while dependents below 18 years shall be directed to pay AUD 1,010 approximately. This form of payment is the second installment cost for each dependent including with main aspirants under 494 visa.

Frequently Asked Questions?

The overseas aspirants are required to comply with the following requirements to achieve a 494 visa grant which comprises elements such as: eligible applicant must be below 45 years of age, should possess three years or more occupational exposure within the sponsored stream of work, fulfill essential criteria to possess English Linguistic proficiency, candidates must have the expertise or have previous employment experience within specific job position or qualifications as per demand of the Government in Australia under occupational list of skill shortage. An individual should have the intention to carry occupation in the nominated region of Australian territory after receiving sponsorship from an approved employer. Lastly, competent candidates must fulfill medical and character requisites.

The 494 permit subclass does not provide PR visas spontaneously in the Australian region but eligible candidates can register for perpetual residency after residing on a provisional permit for three years within Australia under the 191 visa subclass.

The 191 entry permit subclass generally states Perpetual Stay [Skilled Regional] Permit which generally provides a pathway for applicants who aspire to settle in the Australian region permanently after staying for 3 years on a temporary permit in the country following the 191 visa subclass.

An applicant working in Australia as a full-time or part-time employee shall be considered for a PR permit but workers holding casual labour experience will not be eligible to apply for the required visa within Australian land. Usually, candidates should hold valid occupational experience during their residential span of five years within 494 visa. Such a period is not mandated to be consistent.

The applicants can settle in the Australian region for not more than five years under the 494 permit subclass. This category of visa cannot be extended but they have an alternative pathway within the 191 entry permit division which can be applied after living for three years approximately under the former subclass with effect commencing from the date of visa grant.

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