CERT IV in Kitchen Management

Advanced Diploma of Civil Construction Design

CERT IV in Kitchen Management

A Certificate IV of kitchen management demonstrates the major responsibilities and work of kitchen professionals who primarily supervise team members and perform the chief role of managing operations in the cooking area. It works autonomously or follows partial direction from a third party and makes decisions for resolving unusual issues. This educational pathway offers basic qualifications to operate in establishments like café, food joints, motels, nightclubs, pubs, cafeterias, coffee shops, or any small enterprise within the cookery industry. Such prerequisite delivers relevant expertise and understanding for an individual to become capable in skilful tasks and administer team or implement directives.


1.5 years full time

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Face to Face with eLearning


Footscray Nicholson, Industry

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This academic qualification is appropriate for undertaking a workplace training path. Various learning prospects can be practiced on educational campus grounds and in, an external workforce with exceptional inclusion of certain components that mandate one apprenticeship. It is outlined for potential overseas students to impart discretionary fieldwork alternatives. The course provides perfect blend of understanding within campus ground and avail training exposure on the field whereas physical classroom session offers varied choice of research-based assignments within simulated professional surroundings.
In such a culinary management certificate program, competent applicants must study adequate skills for administering work in the kitchen area, supervising or leading a team, executing and planning dishes, and researching legal agreement concerns. This program also teaches international aspirants exceptional technique to build attractive food menus. Moreover, CERT IV course in commercial cookery displays the remarkable work of professional chefs or cooks who usually hold managerial or team regulation roles in the culinary division.
 Cookery professionals must work self-reliantly with limited assistance from outsiders and follow necessary guidelines to resolve unusual problems. Such a certificate course is appropriate for opting training path in Australia. This program helps applicants to enhance their culinary expertise in the professional arena. After finishing Certificate IV in Kitchen Management an international candidate can practice occupation as a commercial cookingexpert in varied establishments like motels, guesthouses, hotels, cafeterias, and various other cookery institutions.

The eligible applicants pursuing this Certificate IV of Kitchen Management have the opportunity to shape their career in the culinary industry. Such professionals after completion of this program are qualified and skilled to apply for varied choice of employment positions within the cookery industry such as:

  • Kitchen Manager: This job role requires potential applicants to administer various tasks within the kitchen area and ensure more efficient usage of culinary and food execution procedures. It delivers effortless operation in the cooking area, safeguarding security and excellence standards. A kitchen manager plays a central role in the cookery industry. It coordinates several activities in the kitchen area, assessing the work of staff. Such culinary practitioners are accountable for upholding food quality, ensuring adherence to sanitation, wellness, and security guidelines, executing food menus, arrangement of resources or stocks, and supervise workforce. However, this employment role also has a significant position in coordinating client relationships and handling cooking area-associated customer issues and grievances. In its furtherance, the eligible cookery administrator shall supervise their employees, ensure food standards like quality checks, and follow health instructions, security regulations, with arrangement ofresource supply required for managing the needs of customers.
  • TeamHead Chef:  This managerial employment position is also known as a head chef which is a prominent cookery practitioner role in a cooking area or food joint. It is generally accountable for planning the exquisite menu, directing kitchen tasks and ensuring general standard and production of food items. The professionals are mandated to attain adequate skills and experience handling core control of services. Henceforth, competent applicants are accountable for planning and assessing the quality of dishes before serving them to customers, securing contentment and standard of food. Such culinary experts are responsible for practicing roles like controlling and supervising procedures to prepare meals and other kitchen work, outlining the menu including unique food items or the latest invention of a chef with their already available dishes, certifying variety and quality of meals. It serves and presents delivery of dishes as per clients’ requirements.
  • Commis Chef: The eligible graduates after completion of a course in kitchen management or cookery apprenticeship commence their work as a commis chef. This job position is designed for a subordinate cook who practices tasks in varied settings and reports straight to the chef de partie. After acquiring relevant professional exposure competent aspirants might get promoted within the employment position of commis initially supervising a wide range of commis chefs in the team. Some of the crucial responsibilities of such culinary practitioners comprises proper assistance with the preparation of food procedure, cooking and preparing components with prominent standard meals, arranging veggies, meat, and fish, helping other cookery experts, assisting staff in supply and reloading, guiding team in upholding operations like sanitation task or stock cycle and contribute in regulating cookery and food protection framework.

The potential international candidate pursuing CERT IV in Kitchen Management within Australian region should satisfy several entry requisites to learn relevant skills and knowledge in the cookery industry. Some of the main qualifications for entering such program are as follows:  

  • An applicant must be above 18 years while commencing this program.
  • The potential overseas entrant must meet basic educational qualification up to Year 11 or an equivalence higher course to enrol for Certificate IV in Kitchen Management.
  • In case where applicants have reached a mature age and do not possess the required academic prerequisites then such individual should qualify for LLN assessment of linguistic, literary, and numerical competence or clear general English placement exam.
  • This program mandates overseas students coming from non-English backgrounds to hold effective scorecards by qualifying valid linguistic tests for pursuing academics in Australia. It obligates candidates to pass exams like IELTS with a 5.5 band or equivalence linguistic assessment as per guidelines of appropriate educational institutions. Otherwise, this program directs applicants to finish a virtual-based English grade placement examination before applying for this certificate course.
  • The international candidate must demonstrate relevant expertise, understanding, and exposure in the cookery sector following the AQF standard criterion. Moreover, it involves potential students who are presently continuing their study prospects in the Australian region and have pursued higher education for a minimum span of six months under Qualification Framework of Australia [AQF] CERT III grade or other level. 
  • Such a program also examines the potential of students through several other English Language Tests such as the TOEFL exam with 46 points or PTE [Academics] scoring minimum 42 marks. However, there are other exams also like OET which require aspirants to attain minimum qualifying grade. If the IELTS Assessment is not accessible then students can also appear in the TOEFL [PBT] exam attaining 527 scores approximately.

The international candidates pursuing Certificate IV of Kitchen Management are mandated to gain knowledge and skills to become competent culinary professionals and practice career prospects in the cookery industry. It involves various components or units of competence that applicants must learn and study to complete this course successfully. An eligible graduate shall be awarded a statement of accomplishment credential herein.

Core Unit Elective Component
•    Execute and demonstrate work well-being and security standard
•    Usage of sanitized measures for food security
•    Prepare dishes with food-preparing tools and  machines
•    Attain, preserve, and uphold supplies and stocks
•    Collaborate secure food control framework
•    Plan meals using the fundamental process of cooking
•    Prepare and Budget Technique
•    Administer client's Grievances
•    Outline and price the food menu
•    Plan starters and salad
•    Progress and execute food security schemes
•    Prepare culinary task
•    Arrange stock, sausages and broths 
•    Cook vegetables, fruits, starchy products, and dairy goods like egg
•    Make the recipe for exceptional nutritional requisites
•    Make poultry meals
•    Cook meat food items
•    Organize seafood meals
•    Prepare bakery items like cake, pastry, bread, etc.
•    Make sweet dish such as desserts
•    Display the work process
•    Cook vegan and non-vegan dishes
•    Register workforce
•    Supervise and administer customers
•    Practice effectually as a culinary practitioner
•    Food items arranged in sets
•    Serve catering services  for distinct occasions and ceremonies
•    Cook and provide cheese
•    Prepare and deliver a sandwich
•    Deliver and serve relevant details
•    Communicate with clients


  • The overseas student is an individual who does not hold citizenship or perpetual residential rights in Australian territory. Such potential applicants either possess a legitimate study visa from Australia or aspire to register for a student permit within Australian region before initiating Certificate IV in Kitchen Management program. All foreign aspirants aiming to continue their studies in Australia upon issuance of study entry permit need an official credential of CoE [Enrolment Confirmation Certificate]. It is an approved paperwork produced by the International Students Registration Provider   [PRISMS] that delivers crucial details concerning the registration position of application.
  • This certificate is assigned to be presented before the DHA [Home Affairs Department] before enrolment in a student visa. It directs competent overseas individuals to hold valid documentation like CoE incessantly during their course duration on study visas. However, a timeline of intake and fee structure depends on the admission authority of recognized educational institutions in Australia which may vary from course to course depending on the choice of the applicant.

  • The basic prerequisite of program demonstrates operation of cooking professionals like chefs and cooks who generally play executive or managerial within cookery industry it opens door for professionals to carry out cookery operations in even small enterprises with inclusion of leading organization under this sector. Moreover, overall duration of the program is 78 weeks approximately. Such a course involves a varied range of fee structure which comprises registration charges, tuition, and non-tuition expenditure. Whereas non-tuition expenses includes access to sources like cookery equipment packages, chef dress code set, and qualified cooks shoe with slip-resistant soles.
  • The mode of educational prospect in CERT IV of kitchen management involves potential overseas applicants to commence onsite classroom session as per the timetable of academic program. It comprises one component within theoretical knowledge and two days of physical sessions including five hours of planned self-study education. In its furtherance, two units, of course, include a research segment with cookery apprenticeship, physical classes, and organized auto-learning. At last potential students must qualify professional examination that examines applicants on fieldwork at a designated location directed for all individuals to undertake work-based assessment and practice meritoriously as qualified chefs or cooks.
  • This course requires competent international candidates to qualify for examinations that might involve written questions, presentation of work or equipment, profession-oriented assignments, group activity, classroom tasks, work projects, demonstrations, practical assignments, and workforce analysis with proof. After completing all components within the Certificate IV Kitchen Management program effectively. The Statement of Accomplishment shall be provided to students who have somewhat accomplished the prerequisite herein.
  • Henceforth, such course curriculum shall require completion of assigned employment training placement for 200 hours approximately. It obliges candidates to finish a minimum 48 facility period within the professional culinary division. The program mandates potential students to finish Certificate IV of Kitchen Management and carry out further studies in the Diploma of Hospitality course.

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