CERT IV of Automotive Technology

Advanced Diploma of Civil Construction Design

CERT IV of Automotive Technology

CERT IV of the Automotive Technology program encompasses essential prerequisites comprising relevant expertise and understanding necessary to demonstrate higher investigative tasks within motorized trade, assistance, and restoring surroundings. It is a twenty-six-week course that involves a duration of training and breaks that is outlined for machine-driven mechanics who aspire to further advance their indicative and mechanical skills. Various employment opportunities in this stream of education involve sponsored overseas students for job positions like Mechanical Supervisor, Automotive Technician, and professional consultant after satisfying basic qualifications of course.



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 It invites mechanical experts who generally hasattained Certificate III of Automotive Technology and further aspire to acquire advanced grades of proficiency within the diagnosis of complicated automobile systems. Such a program highlights advanced grades apprenticeship in specified fields of identification and assessment within varied automated structures comprising engine, brake, communication, navigation, and interruption in vehicle parts. Several motorized technical systems are also involved with machine supervision, automobile security schemes, and fusion motor vehicles.

This course evaluation procedure is centred upon fundamental norms of competence-driven apprenticeship. Such presentation of applicants is evaluated on their skills to demonstrate relevant operation as per industry criterion. It ensures basic standards of rationality supported by wide range of educational patterns and a variety of examination guidelines being used within such programs. The assessment criteria for every component of competence is outlined over a blend of lecture hall and employment setting operation. Moreover, classroom-centred evaluation comprises numerous segments such as classroom-based activities, projects, applied presentations, group discussions, research papers, workshops, and written or oral assessments.

In its furtherance, competent learners are notified formerly about various class evaluation exercises and might entertain suggested opinions on similar subject matter, it addresses exceptional requirements of students too. The exam pattern is recorded within course units and the program handbook. Whereas, duration of evaluation is furnished before the commencing day of lecture alongside a well-structured schedule. An applicant might be examined through a cluster of consistent research and evaluation. Incessant assessment might depend on capability and scores or balance of both sections.

The potential students after completing CERT IV of Automotive Technology program can make their career within various leading employment positions such as:

  • Master Heavy Vehicle Motorized Mechanic:Such technicians are accountable for overseeing and performing complicated locomotive repairs, upkeep heavy vehicles, and inspection tasks. It ensures the service of automotive vehicles is performed as per premium standards and uniform methods. This job role needs applicants who possess stern mechanical skills, management assistance, and standalone analytical talent. The certified mechanic is responsible for completing various operations such as execution of unconventional diagnosis, troubleshooting issues, and restoring services in several motorized structures comprising locomotive, transmission, power-assisted brake, technical, and suspension systems of the vehicle. It upholds uniform examination and sustainment service for ensuring the finest presentation and security of automobiles and so on.
  • Moveable Field Technical Expert: This job positionrequires a qualified technician to uphold various mechanical operations and restore transferrable tools comprising earthmover machines, front-end loaders, trench diggers, shovel dozers, wheel loaders, bulldozers, dumper lorries, etc. Such automotive specialist practices several duties like carrying out moveable deferment and navigation systems, understanding the method of hydrostatic and technical services, learn water power and control switch communication. It typically carries out facility and restoration bang, elevation, and earth mover units with a transportable field-specific direction range system. Moreover, devices and security schemes for earth-moving fields maintains workforce secure tasks. It develops expertise to demonstrate automated diesel oil operation in motorised heavy vehicle care and repair areas.
  • Auto Performance Mechanic: The specialized automated professional is required to pursue formal training from an accredited educational institution within the automotive field. It mandates aspirants to gain comprehensive knowledge concerning norms of mechanical technology and acquaintance with recent technical developments or trends within the sector. Such experts should be eager to observe minute details and hold superior quality of analytical skills with expertise in handling work pressure effectively. It obliges technicians to perform various tasks like detecting and troubleshooting demonstration issues, outlining and fitting routine renovations, and performing uniform maintenance or repair services. Such individuals typically are passionate about dyno inspection and control which includes assessment of machine capacity and circulatory force with arrangement of numerous factors to improve presentation. This career prospect offers thriving career growth as a performance expert with a favourable chance to practice operations on advanced-performing vehicles and monitor the outcome of their work in progression. For instance, the installation of an updated complex system to advance the deferment. Whereas, every single adjustment crucially impacts the performance of automobile that offers exciting exposure to potential applicants with exceptional upshot pathways.

The CERT IV of Automotive Technology requires overseas applicants to meet basic entry conditions before applying for this program such as:

  • The potential students must be at least 18 years old while enrolling for this course.
  • It accepts applications of competent candidates who has either successfully finished Year 11 high school education as per Australian qualification standards or qualified equivalent academic grade to enter such program.
  • The applicants should complete Certificate III of Automotive Technology before progressing toward CERT IV of Automotive Mechanical studies.
  • It necessitates capable foreign students to display proof of their English language skills by qualifying numerous linguistic assessments such as IELTS with a score of 5.0 band, TOEFL Academics virtual exam should attain 40 or above marks, PTE Educational Test with 38 or more points, Cambridge English Advanced level Assessment with minimum score of 154.
  • This program shall also mandate certain aspirants to show proof concerning the English language as their medium of education from an accredited academic institution with continued educational participation for the past two years approx. It requires an individual to accomplish adequate marks in language.
  • However, if applicants are unable to show evidence of their English language skills by adhering above qualifications then such international candidates shall be obligated to qualify English Placement Exam managed by the suitable educational establishment.
  • An individual should meet the essential requirements concerning study visa application process with English language qualification as per Home Affairs Department guidelines.
  • It exempts certain students from the above-listed English Language requisites where individuals have finished a minimum of five years of education in English medium of instruction from nations like the United Kingdom, America, NZ, Canada, Ireland, South Africa, etc. The potential applicants either had registered in a primary program of academics which is a nationally accredited course, or part of independent ELICOS [English Linguistic Intensive Program for International Learners] or else enrolled in master's research programs, etc.
  • An applicant who is endorsed by the prescribed authority of International Affairs or Defence Forces or part of AASES [Exchange Secondary Entrants] shall be exempted from the listed requirement of English Language. If potential students are residents or possess valid passports of countries like the United Kingdom, United States of America, New Zealand, Ireland, or Canada then such individuals shall also be exempted from English linguistic qualification under this course.

The competent international candidates shall finish the overall ten components of competency to attain CERT IV of Automotive Technical Studies prerequisites. It mainly includes one core segment and nine optional sections within the curriculum of the program. This course provides onsite delivery classroom training with theory and applied knowledge including relevant skills as specified below:

Essential Units Optional Component
•    Diagnosis of intricate system damages •    Detect complex faults in light-duty vehicles' security system
•    Analysis of complex errors in light commercial vehicle deferral and navigation systems.
•    Diagnosis of compound mistakes in the light vehicle machine supervision system
•    Analyse intricate damages in light-duty automobile brake coordination
•    Detect difficult faults in light commercial vehicles' programmed transmission and power unit scheme.
•    Inspect complex damage in light vehicle petrol oil machine
•    Examine complicated errors in light-duty vehicles' diesel oil engines.
•    Supervise staff efficiency
•    Manage operative workforce connection


The overseas applicants are individuals who typically do not hold a citizenship license or perpetual residential rights within the Australian region but possess valid study permits in Australia or plan to register genuine student entry permits for relocating to Australian territory before initiation of the competent program. Every overseas student who is planning to commence their higher education in Australia on approval of a study visa shall need to attach an Enrolment Confirmation Certificate [CoE].

Such document is an authorized paperwork created by [Enrolment Provider and Overseas Learner Administrative System] PRISMS that delivers critical details concerning the registration position of an individual application. Such certificate is mandated to be attached before DHA [Home Affairs Department] before enrolling for a study visa herein. It recommends competent learners to hold proper CoE documents with them constantly during their period of stay within the Australian region on a student permit.

The entrants’ demands are evaluated during the registration stage under appropriate Enrollment Guidelines and Practices. An applicant shall finish registration and prior apprenticeship analysis with submission of the attached certification to allow the approved academic institution to evaluate the requirements of the program for supporting students' needs. After attaining the learners’ application forms prescribed authorities assess to determine whether program qualifications meet the needs of aspirants or not. Such a university shall analyse previous professional exposure, understanding of concepts, and expertise in specialized fields of academics before laying the outcome herein. Outcomes relying on course competency as per demands of applicants and individuals' potential to address eligibility requisites shall also be laid under such decision. Proper assistance must be furnished for customers with recognized requisites under the Customer Support Plan and Method.

An accredited educational establishment shall furnish relevant updates to applicants pre-registration as per program needs and anticipation through the Clients Aspect Manual with course information provided on the official website of the institution. Such facts also recognize the methodology for evaluating aspirants' demand during registration, the result of evaluation, and information concerning required support provided by an academic establishment to specific applicant needs after registration. This course also furnishes an orientation process for applicants tailoring course requisites, procedures, needs, assistance facilities, and general facts before initiation of the program shall be provided.

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