CERT III of Child Care Services

Advanced Diploma of Civil Construction Design

CERT III of Child Care Services

The initial childhood academic program is considered entry level eligibility requisites for carrying out the operation within the premature juvenile division with essential criteria to commence learning in the Diploma course of Initial Childhood Training and Support. This program offers eligible applicants a chance to study from well-trained and helpful trainers or mentors, comprising career placements with infants aged delivery up to six years and participate within recognized educational institutions. Such learning establishments provide early childhood education by inviting family members in the native household with the facilitation of CERT III on Initial Juvenile Learning and Support Applicants under undeviating direction of their infant instructor and evaluator.


1 year full time

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Footscray Nicholson, Industry, St Albans, Sunshine, Werribee

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It is an outstanding prospect for students to communicate and link with infants and their family relatives with delivery of splendid chance to enhance its expertise and understanding with improved self-reliance in distinct fields to attain accomplishment under work placement services. Such applicants shall acquire familiarity of concepts and proficiency required to uphold secure and clean surroundings for practicing varied range of operations, encourage a balanced diet and make sure that drinks and foodstuff consumed by learners are nutritious and suitable for infants, furnish policies to assist accountable means of juveniles and young aspirants within secure and sympathetic surroundings, such courses offer youngsters chances to capitalize their competency and enhance a base for lifetime training.

It also familiarizes and regulates legal norms and monitor conditions with the promotion of wide-ranging surroundings or associations concerning a cultural multiplicity of adolescents, family members, the workforce, and the public. Such a program furnishes services like first aid within academic and support settings. The program guides students to carry out operations in Premature Childhood Academic Sector and follow entry requisites of Educational and Support facilities as per General Directive and Excellence Principles. After completing such a program, the potential aspirants can upkeep the execution of an accredited educational outline and support juvenile wellness, learning, and progression. This program qualification demonstrates students' relevant knowledge and expertise to deliver required support for infants and implement appealing or academic recreational exercises to increase individuals’ growth. Such aspirants will subsequently become experts in developing applicants' accounts and offer proper academic prospects and support for concerned juveniles or carry out work independently, follow the direction of prescribed authorities, etc.

This career segment has witnessed rapid demand due to a higher populace ratio and developing credit from the significance of juvenile progression.  Such occupational skill demandsets and practice within the enrichedsector with probable upsurges within the upcoming 5 years. Such professional pathways assist potential applicants in pursuing training and employment prospects to engage with learners and transform their career as per the required skill. If candidates admire fostering, educating, and supporting children then this work prospect is perfect for aspirants herein. The graduates must be well-experienced to pursue occupational opportunities within the industry of a childhood education facility, supporting youngsters up to 6 years in a distinct range of infant support settings. An applicant can practice their career under various roles such as assistant instructor in Initial Education Hub, playgroup or early school day-care, private babysitter, and offer special support for infants under special assistance centre, gym or household meetings, etc.

After effective completion of the program competent aspirants should plan for enrolling in further education within diploma course of Initial Children Academic and Support. However, aspirants holding CERT III of Early Children Support and Education prerequisite are mandated to commence their Prior Learning Recognition [RPL] or Assessment Pathway Recognition [RAP] procedure and acquire the relevant qualification criterion for availing the diploma course. Such a program is accredited as a governmental and nationally recognized course with a certified curriculum under AQF grade [Qualification Framework of Australia]. Once aspirants finishes Certificate III of Child Care Service program the potential individuals can explore various career pathways within the industry of childhood education support facilities, nurturing young kids up to 6 years within a range of juvenile care roles. An applicant should finish at least 160 hours of training placement commenced across during the initiation of the program registered by candidates with perfect blend of onsite classroom sessions and virtual education offering fieldwork exposure. Competent employment positions involve teachers, caretakers, and centre managers for distinct individual customers, etc.    

  • Caretaker or Nanny:   This professional role requires competent applicants to nurture or take care of multiple or single young candidates with the inclusion of emotional and physical satisfaction as qualified nannies and furnish responsibilities comprising the preparation of food, delivery of meals to the designated school, and engage in distinct recreational exercises with completion of everyday operation.  Moreover, overseas aspirants shall arrange regular activities and academic assignments, sanitize children's residential area and finish basic residence tasks, prepare healthy dishes for the kids, transport services for children within their daily individual exercises or arrangements in household, and provide secure yet constructive surrounding for youngsters to study and participate in distinct activities, offer exceptional guidance or upkeep of personal sanitation, etc. Such occupational expert interacts with parents to develop a proper timetable and plan suitable activities with uniform visit to kids’ communal, mental, and analytical requirements.
  • Premature Juvenile Care Staff: Such employment position involves certified employees who assist in supervising and screening exercises during the day. It generally guides youngsters to participate in numerous assignments and recreational activities outlined to advertise logical reasoning skills and encourage teamwork, proper assistance with execution of tasks with another individual and resolve issues herein. Thechildcare professionals also gain quality of proficiency and learn tactics which can be advantageous for their way of living and forthcoming career within the childhood progression sector. This job description mandates applicants to fulfill the following responsibilities. For instance, managing and monitoring infants while conducting everyday deeds comprising recreational activities, reading sessions, creative assignments, and scheduled meal time. Such support staff must study all national agreement directives connected with juvenile support core processes or guidelines which must be enforceable in a skilled caring setting. Applicant should educate their guardians and infants about relevant centre regulations linked with security and teamwork to avail safe yet well-arranged surroundings with exceptional customer self-reliance. It helps infants to learn and carry out tasks collectively by engaging in a wide range of collaborative sports and exercises outlined for boosting collaboration with expert assistance to accomplish solutions concerning aroused issues. This division of workers also plans meal time of children as per their schedule and help other team member in daily operations like delivery of dishes and beverages options. Supervise the youngsters about sanitation of plates, glasses, mugs and dining zone after each meal.
  • Initial Childhood Instructor: This professional prospect includes qualified and certified trainers or tutors who hold expertise in teaching young aspirants generally infants below 12 years of age. It furnishes juveniles with elementary learning that helps them to create their career path after completion of school. The teachers educate aspirants concerning fundamental linguistics, mathematics, and progressing skill. Such professionals can practice numerous tasks within kindergarten schools, and intermediate school or study within specific academic establishments. However, these trainers are mandated to fulfill several duties as experienced educator such as designing lesson preparation and overseeing students with professional guidance to attain the desired academic objective, ensuring lecture hall or educational surroundings are secure through means of physical, mental, and cultural zones for their applicants. This job role helps and manages disciplinary norms as per students’ age criteria. Such experts usually interact with parents of children to update them about their performance, and activitiesengagement within the learning establishment and deliver course updates. The educators also evaluate applicants’ educational growth regularly to comprehend if such lessons are effective or not. 

The CERT III of Children Care Services is outlined to progress candidates’ knowledge concerning basic concepts pertinent to the childhood service facilitation industry and improve applied expertise for delivering a prominent standard of support and learning to youngsters. It educates aspirants about first aid, nurturing and care services of infants, and ways to provide juveniles adequate backing for their complete growth. Such understanding of issues is usually possible by undertaking guidance from field specialized qualified trainers setting hands-on circumstances, comprising leading kindergarten sessions for native infants. This program helps students to acquire skills through varied recreational activities, prepared and served nutritious dishes safely, and monitor kids regularly. Some of the main entry requisites to enter this course are as follows:

  • The overseas applicants should complete their Year 11 as per Australian norms or qualify equivalence grade.
  • An applicant should be aged 18 years or above during the commencement of the program.
  • Such aspirants must clear LLN [Linguistic, Literary, Numerical competence] Assessment with ACSF Grade 3.
  • The potential aspirants shall be mandated to satisfy DHA [Home Affairs Department] English linguistic requisites for finishing their study visa application form that might vary as per relevant program eligibility conditions such as the IELTS Instructive Test with a minimum band of 6.0 general marks or qualify equivalence language proficiency exam.
  • An individual commencing their application process for a student permit shall qualify for the overall level of assessment to attach their English language skill proof. However, if in any case, they are unable to qualify relevant test then such applicants must undertake the LLN Assessment.
  • The aged learners above 22 years shall be permitted to pursue this program without showing proof of their academic qualification requisites but such individuals must be examined exclusively beforehand. Moreover, an applicant is required to meet mandatory English language prerequisites for submitting a study visa form which might vary as per the scope of respective courses.
  • The candidates should learn fundamental processer techniques and hold expertise within managing records like files or folders, understanding word processing, making Excel sheets, and databases, retrieving information, presenting, studying communal and moral inference of internet usage, etc.
  • An aspirant should attach various important credentials such as an admissible general police authorization certificate or clearance paperwork from the Federal Police of Australia. Such individuals are required to submit valid immunizations, working with kids’ clearance and a legitimate NDIS Employee Selection Check shall be submitted by candidates under this program.   
  • In its furtherance, it mandates learners to meet bodily requisites including physical endurance for transmitting or lifting and giving CPR for customers, attain flexibility to bend, crouch, transfer promptly, and direct towards restricted locations. The applicants must possess the hearing ability to use a stethoscope instrument, overhear request for guidance, tool alarms, emergency indications, and major verdicts with a clear vision for checking clients and equipment. The program requires entrants to communicate orally and in writing with customers, team members, and managers.          
  • This course mandates aspirants to furnish information concerning their impairment or illness, and ongoing treatment taken by individuals which requires modification.
  • The overseas candidates who aspire to become competent under occupational apprenticeship program must commence their work prospect within an approved childhood academic and support facility for at least 15 hours weekly with a legal training agreement accepted by officials of AASN [Australian Training Backing Network Supplier]. It is a crucial segment of the enrolment procedure which requires aspirants to show proof of their previous occupation.

The CERT III of Childhood Education Support Service is an exceptional program that requires students to complete 17 components of competency including 15 core sections and 2 optional units. It assesses potential applicants’ course qualifications with compulsory work engagement of a minimum 160 hours managerial operation under training placement within an accredited education and support facility, practicing effective care for infants up to six years old.  Proof furnished by a workforce manager shall contribute towards skill evaluation to practice within this grade. This program offers a focused educational process that is outlined for students to enhance their career prospects. It involves a range of competent assessment criteria which provides a mixed variety of onsite fieldwork and outside employment operations that include tasks like classroom activities, projects, and applied presentation. In its furtherance, learning hour demonstrates minimal, definite lecture hall sessions furnished within course duration shall vary accordingly. Some of the essential core of competency that candidates need to study are discussed below:

Core Section Elective Component
•    Practice effectually within Childhood Academic Support
•    Satisfy legitimate and moral responsibility in Childhood Education and Support
•    Provide backing  for all-inclusive educational prospect and growth of young people
•    Apply accredited learning outline to assist within training
•    Recognize and Reply to students or youngsters at peril
•    Foster infants and children
•    Build affirmative and reverent associations with toddlers
•    Monitor babies' health, security, and wellness
•    Deliver exposure to care infants games and education
•    Nurture infants to interrelate with their natural surrounding
•    Support insertion and multiplicity principle
•    Enhance knowledge concerning Aboriginal Torres Strait Island inhabitants' culture
•    Contribute to workforce wellness and security
•    Deliver first aid service within academic and maintenance settings.
•    Reveal and enhance individuals' career expertise operation
•    Practice tasks with varied applicants.


The overseas aspirants are individuals who neither possess citizenship permits nor perpetual residency rights within the Australian region. However, such candidates shall hold genuine study permits from Australia or plans to commence the process of entry permit application process in Australian territory before initiation of the specified program. Each foreign student who aspires to start their educational prospect in Australia upon approval of study visa must submit valid Enrolment confirmation paperwork. It is also known as CoE which is an authorized certificate produced by PRISMS [Registration Providers and Overseas Learner Management Scheme] that delivers significant records concerning students’ registration positions. Such credentials need competent individuals to attach specified documents before the DHA [Home Affairs Department] beforehand commencement of student permit. An aspirant should also carry legitimate CoE documents constantly with them while pursuing their higher studies in Australia on a study visa.

This program evaluation is based on three sections mainly well-structured examination, written questions, and innovative assignments. Such questions and understanding-centred tests are usually developed comprising several units of competency with the inclusion of both extensive and short-based questions with multiple-choice problems for students to answer within a specific time. It includes innovative assignments evaluation which learners need to reply covering valid settings, case research, and operations. The relevant assessment involves outline of short-term and detailed comprehensive statements or declarations.
Reviewing information and designing reports. The international candidates shall also receive specific patterns for assisting students in drafting directives and products. Furthermore, the appropriate program shall constitute a suitable commercial trend email, plan study material for conventions, exhibitions, and working progress withintraining program. Such model evaluations are typically monitored under face-to-face classroom sessions and virtual mock-up exercises including distinct methodologies. This might comprise activities like group discussions, personal assignments, role operation, and other recreational projects in group or undertake single-handed assessments such as presentations.

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