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Diploma in Nursing

The landmass of Australia offers nursing as the most reliable career path for national and international candidates. In addition to this, Australian territory wellness industry is considered as one of the biggest and most rapidemerging economy. However, if individuals are planning to pursue a medical profession, particularly nursing, then entering the relevant stream is impeccable opportunity for individuals. It enables eligible candidates to study the basic parameters of the healthcare sector in Australia with the required knowledge and skills for commencing their career prospects after finishing a competent course as a Registered Midwifery. The certified caretaker growing necessity in varied divisions of the economy is rising within a nation. As per the latest report of experts, approximately 1.7 million staff members in the medical industry have been indicated as Australia’s biggest employer whereas, in the year 2024 figures are estimated to upsurge up to 1.9 million approx. The course has been accredited through VET certification which involves demanding principles designed within the Qualification Structure of Australia [AQF] that usually signals recognition of the program worldwide. It enumerates various roles of enrolled nurses such as older patient care, mental wellness facilities, public or private incorporated healthcare institutions, nursing home services in households, healthcare services, or private clinical practice.


Full-time 2 years

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Melbourne City Bundoora

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Moreover, this program is outlined for competent candidates who aspire to gain relevant expertise and knowledge in hands-on training surroundings. It trains students initiating from university grounds experimental labs and organization appointments which help applicants to develop their skills within a nursing stream. The Australian region has seen a constant need for qualified registered nurses with certain employment prospects attached herein. Henceforth, a nationally recognized program of diploma in nursing has provided an eligible platform to overseas aspirants to obtain skills for assisting the healthcare industry in several fields like critical cases, therapeutic, and remedial care following the supervision of enrolled midwifery. It guides potential students to handle sick people from distinct age groups in several circumstances by laying stress on various factors such as attention to old age patients, social service, critical care, and psychological wellness. This short-term program also helps aspirants in managing intravenous treatment and attain proficiency in critical assistance, which generally involves healthcare and clinical treatment expertise. The program mainly deals with the following subjects such as:

  • Elementary structure and composition
  • Injury Supervision
  • Observing medical records
  • Inflammation mechanism
  • Healing and blood management
  • Attending patients who are suffering from critical and long-lasting medical conditions
  • Treatment for Diabetes Assistance
  • Implement nursing carefulness procedures
  • Evaluate the attention provided
  • Research and Apply proof-based treatment

Healthcare professionals can attain the advantage of digitally improved experiences, experimental-oriented labs, and the latest virtual-based mock-up. It also provides a perfect blend of at least 400 hours of professional placement to make sure that individuals have been provided employment security along with their course completion herein.

The academic prospect in the nursing stream within Australian territory opens the door for international students who aspire to work in healthcare institutions and widen their employment options like medical attendants, healthcare investigators, orthopaedic surgical nurses, paediatrics nursing professionals, registered nurses, and so on. This course provides leading career alternatives for overseas aspirants who have completed potential nursing alumni in Australian territory. Such a degree program finished from a recognized educational institution leads medical practitioners to show empathy towards sick persons, satisfy occupational obligation, develop interactive skills, and employment principles are considered some of the prominent roles of nursing practitioners to explore rapid career development. If candidates are seeking a pathway to commence their profession in the nursing stream then

Australia is the most favourable destination for fulfilling their long-term objective. It requires applicants to analyse the following parameters such as nature of the course pursued, interest in individual expertise, professional commitment, whether an individual is willing to settle perpetually in the nation, selection of a competent route to obtain a PR visa, and so on.
Jagvimal Consultants assists overseas applicants to seek the appropriate program within accredited institution to satisfy their professional goals. If foreign candidates are seeking an opportunity to pursue education in the nursing stream then our team of consultants can provide such aspirants professional assistance to complete application credentials concerning their program intake, choose an eligible university, and guide them to register for the accurate permit regulation.  Such overseas specialist helps potential applicants to process identification and registration procedures in a particular institution easily and commence their education to become qualified midwives and settle in Australian territory. The eligible applicants who have finished their Diploma Program in Nursing can choose numerous professional gateways in leading healthcare organizations at varied reputable positions such as:

  1. Enrolled Nurses
  2. Nursing Specialist
  3. Medical Midwifery
  4. Old Patients Attendant
  5. Psychological Wellness Midwifery

The land of Australian region is considered as most lucrative destination for overseas applicants who aspire to seek higher education all over the world in professional programs like the Diploma in Nursing. It offers international applicants exceptional opportunities to study in top leading academic establishments within Australia offering remarkable educational outlines and curriculum for becoming qualified nurses and enabling students to attain a basic understanding and relevant expertise in multidimensional aspects of the nursing stream. It welcomes applicants from different cultural and social backgrounds. The students are mandated to follow basic criteria to enter Australian territory without any interference such as:

  • The international applicants should be aged 18 years or above.
  • It is necessary for aspirants to hold appropriate entry permit that enables them to settle and pursue academics in the Australian region such as student visas.
  • The candidates must have qualified Year 12 accreditation in the country or possess equivalence foreign prerequisite.
  • An applicant is also required to qualify English Language Skill Assessment like IELTS with at least a 7.0 band. Other qualifying exams such as the PTE Test with 65 marks or attain a minimum score of 237 marks in their TOEFL Examination.
  • In addition to this, eligible aspirants are mandated to complete the LLN Test which is the Learning, Linguistic, and Numerical competence assessment, and show potential grades up to Level 4.
  • The candidates must show documentation proof of the following certificates to work or study in Australia such as Medical Insurance, Police Clearance credential, Vaccination Data, Employed with children Evaluation, and so on.

The Diploma in Nursing is a two-year program that is recognized by VET qualifications. It is a fundamental course in the nursing stream with the object of conveying a basic understanding of practicing occupation as a registered nurse under the guidance of a certified nursing practitioner. After finishing this short-term course candidates are permitted to enroll under AHRP [Australian Midwives and Nursing Association and Medical Professional Enrollment Authority of Australia]. It is a foundation-level program for candidates who aspire to study undergraduate courses in nursing field.

The short-term course of a Diploma in nursing usually takes 1.5 to 2 years with specialization in multiple arenas of education such as health management, common nursing wound regulation, etc. It comprises in total of 25 chapters which include 20 core sections and the remaining five optional units which provide a blend of theoretical, lab research assignments, and work exposure placement. Some of the general units of the program are as follows:

A. Core Sections

Practice Elementary values and ethics of injury mechanism and prevention

  • Perform Nursing duties in the principal wellness environment
  • Apply and Maintain facilities for patients suffering from critical medical illness
  • Implement nursing in the healthcare arrangement in Australia
  • Apply secure employment practices for carrying out uninterrupted patient care
  • Practice and Assess services for patients suffering from prolonged medical disorder
  • Implement healthcare examination and perform managerial roles to practice nursing care
  • Deliver hospice care or support care method during their treatment practice
  • Apply and maintain attention for patients suffering from psychological medical disorders
  • Manage basic ethics of infection administration
  • Check bodily well-being position
  • Sponsor Indigenous or locals of Torres Strait Islands' social security
  • Evaluate and Reply to patients' medical details
  • Use legitimate and principal factors to carry out nursing roles
  • Assess and Progress their occupational practices
  • Work with multicultural professionals
  • Apply, Maintain, and Observe treatment practices
  • Perform and Monitor old patients' care

B. Optional Units

  • Carry out practical work and register proof to practice
  • Lay contribution to practice treatment of patients suffering from diabetes
  • Administer particular stressors within occupational surroundings
  • Increase one's professional priority
  • Furnish First Aid Services to patients

The foreign student is a person who does not possess a PR permit or nationality in the Australian territory. An applicant has no interest in holding an applicable student visa in the country or aims to apply for study authorization in Australia before the commencement of the academic course. Moreover, overseas candidates who are planning to practice nursing programs in the Australian region on student visas are mandated to possess relevant documentation of the Conformation of Enrollment [CoE]. This certificate is deliberated as an official credential that is created by the Registering Providers and Foreign Learners Controlling System [PRISMS] which commonly equips crucial particulars about applicants’ enrolment status. The required certification must be submitted on the official website of DHA [Home Affairs Department] before proceeding with a travel permit application for a study prospect. Henceforward, natives from abroad are obligated to possess CoE documents with them while studying nursing courses under a student visa.

  • The short-term course of diploma in nursing usually costs AUD 15,000 to AUD 25,000 per annum approximately. However such fee range differs in numerous educational institutions depending on their terms and guidelines of the program. It also includes additional charges apart from their tuition fee which comprises overseas aspirants’ accommodation expenditure, study material, stationery, food, and daily expenses, traveling charges, and so on. Even admission intake varies in Australian academic establishments as per their norms and regulations. International candidates must stay updated concerning recent trends, news, or notifications issued by prominent educational institutions in Australia within their preferred course or specialization.

The current nursing sector of the country provides assistance and guidance to qualified healthcare professors or faculty members who are certified nurses on campus. Such professionals assist eligible students throughout the program and help applicants in understandingprimary notions in the healthcare sector. This involves theoretical knowledge, practical activities in medical surroundings, and adequate support for students to obtain nursing placement in several medical conditions.

Such placement indicate a wide range of occupational opportunities available for overseas candidates to enroll as registered nurses in the healthcare sector including service platforms like old age patient attendants, therapy sessions care, social care facilities, hospice, critical care units, or clinical practice as a general nurse. The nursing graduates are required to register with AHPRA [Medical Professional Regulation Association of Australia].

For additional information regarding medical practitioners and students' registration process to study or work in Australia at distinct healthcare organizations candidates can contact Jagvimal Consultants and book their personalized one-on-one consultation with certified immigration expert for more information.

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