Visitors Visa in Australia

The tourist permit mainly comes under subclass 600 which is a brief-duration visa enabling international aspirants to immigrate within the Australian region for multiple reasons such as traveling, taking part in public and entertaining affairs, paying visits to their family relatives, and acquaintances, studying for not more than three months or other aspects which are not related to commercial or health examination. Whereas, the validity of such visas granted to applicants comes within an ambit of several or individual entries which differs from case to case. In multiple entries, the person holding a visa can depart and arrive again. Several instances show that throughout the stay period of this entry permit a person extending their visit within a particular time being for each entry is generally prescribed herein. Furthermore, aspirants who are parents, non-biological parents, generally retired from the Australian perpetual resident or any person who has citizenship of Australia under PR regulation criteria shall be permitted a three-year, five-year, or 18-month validity period where subdivision of 600 category tourist permit extends between 3 to 5 year of stay which enables multiple entrances with subject to certain eligibility requirements prohibiting permit holders to settle in the Australian region for not more than twelve months or eighteen-month stay period. In this blog, we will discuss various possibilities, general requisites, processing periods, and application form charges for visitors' visas to enter Australia.

Visitors Visa in Australia

Explain different types of visitor visas

Numerous forms of Australian permits are available for visitors traveling to this country. If candidates are well-versed in different types of visas then they can apply for suitable permits depending on the stay period, individual passport, and intention behind their travel. Furthermore, applicants are required to show proof concerning its Monetary and Health related requirements even if a person is coming from a foreign land at the time of lodging application they should also maintain required medical insurance during their length of visit.

Digital Travel Authority Permit under subclass 601 

This visa enables an applicant to visit Australia multiple times as per their wish for a year and stay at least 3 months during their visit. Such a permit provides access to persons holding passports from different countries and residing in foreign lands. The step-by-step guidebook is provided by Jagvimal Consultants to make candidates understand the process in detail. A competent person must hold an ETA passport where our team of certified and trained consultants will provide full assistance to candidates throughout the application procedure but aspirants must be present in the physical form for face identification. 

eVisitors under Subclass 651

It is one of the most convenient entry permits which can be availed free of cost to visit multiple times in the Australian region or travel for commercial aspects at least three months within a one-year timeline. It is available to the person holding a proper passport from a list of European regions which cannot be extended after a certain limit.

Visitors Permit under Subclass 600

The tourist visa enables applicants to travel to Australian territory for multiple purposes like vacation or occupational prospects. It invites people from all over the world where the validity of such a visa is three months in general but can be extended to 12 months under certain situations. It also has prescribed application fees incurred upon the applicant while submitting this visa form. 

About Visitors Visas [Subclass 600]:

Whether candidates reside in the inner or outer region of Australia but have not been provided migration approval after lodging a visa application under the subcategory 600 where the aspirant has obliged following conditions. To receive a visa grant for tourist permits by applicants residing in the Australian region during submission of an application under subclass 600 visitors visas. In other circumstances, a person settled in the outer area of the country receives approval for such visas if a candidate is settled within the outer region of Australia during submission of the form under the 600 subcategory permits. When applying for this entry permit aspirants should not hold another significant visa that comes under the 403 category provisional work permit further managing overseas relations within domestic professionals streamline through officials of consulate or embassy. 

The process to Apply for Visitors Visa -subclass 600

Some of the following steps that applicants should follow before applying for a tourist visa through both virtual and non-virtual modes.

  • If an applicant is applying for a visitor permit through an online platform then they should visit the official website of the Home Affairs Department to tackle all kinds of visa forms mandating individuals to enter their details and give confirmation concerning their verification of account through personal Email addresses of applicants. 
  • After creating their profile on the website aspirants must log into the official account of the candidates and choose the following categories of permits that are required as per the need of individuals such as visitor visas to commute abroad and so on. 
  • When a person opens their account they will be redirected to a page for filling online application and entering the required details. Furthermore, answering questions related to the purpose of taking a vacation, trip duration, date of birth and name of applicants, and relationship status with other relevant information.
  • An aspirant must also support their application with soft copies of relevant paperwork and documents which include a valid passport, immigration insurance while traveling, and financial documents to produce adequate evidence herein.
  • Making a prescribed payment for the visa application after attaching the documents with a prescribed fee for the form must be paid through a credit or debit card and even via PayPal online platform. 
  • Kindly wait patiently after completion of the application form as the visa form is under process. The DHA will notify you promptly in case of any update concerning the status of the visa application. 
  • After the successful completion of a permit application candidates will become visa holders comprising various other details like the validity of a particular permit whereas, aspirants can print a hard copy of such notice and carry it while migrating abroad. 

A majority of candidates prefer to apply for a visa application through an online platform as it is easy to apply. Henceforth, after arriving within Australian territory applicants have to complete the entire process of Passenger Incoming credential at the territorial boundary of the country to enter the overseas land of Australia successfully.

General Requirements

Some of the basic requisites that an applicant should follow before applying for the tourist entry permit such as: 

  • A valid and authentic passport 
  • The duplicate copy of the individual's first page which is the identification portion of the tourist.
  • The latest photograph of candidates with a white backdrop. An applicant's photo must be visible and clear.
  • A proper form of Tourist Visas subclass 600.
  • Evidence must be shown concerning their sustenance to manage finances during their stay period within Australian territory which involves bank credentials like fiscal statements or letters received from endorsers who are ensuring to aid monetary support during candidates' visit.
  • A proof showcasing documents related to immigration medical insurance.
  • In some cases where letter has been sent by the employer stating information like the requested time of departure and expected exit on a particular date from the foreign land.
  • If a candidate is moving abroad for higher studies then a letter from such an academic institution must be provided to ensure enrollment admissibility of learners and their expected date of exit from Australia.
  • If any family member who is already a citizen of Australia wants to sponsor an applicant then such a person should draft an invitation letter which mainly comprises details concerning the relationship between both individuals, stay period timeline, whether applicants are residing with their relatives or not, intention behind your travel and so on. 
  • If the aspirants have an endorser within the Australian territory then such a prescribed person has to pay a security deposit which would be refunded to the applicant after they depart from the country.
  • In a situation of medical care where an applicant receives a letter from medical professionals and healthcare institutions within Australia. It clearly states the candidate's condition and the form of medical procedure required to treat an individual.
  • The completion of Form 1229 and Form 1257 where the applicant falls below certain age criteria and resides in Australia with other individuals not being their guardian or parents or such person migrating alone shall be obligated to complete this form.
  • The evidence concerning housing facilities in Australian territory involves guest houses, reserved property, or any rented accommodation on a contractual basis.
  • Evidence showing their immigration documents like boarding passes to take flight and entire travel guidebook.
  • Proof concerning your return where the person intends to depart within their domestic territory before the expiration of the entry permit. Whereas, listed copies of documents for Australia permit must be authenticated. 

On the other hand, copies of documents must be translated into English Language if documents are in some other language then they must be transcribed by a certified interpreter. 

Processing Time

The Immigration Authority of Australia generally takes certain weeks to dispense their application for visitor permit furnishing a list of documents and eligibility requisites in a uniform order. It may vary as an application could take a few days also. In several exceptional cases where DHA has taken months to process applications for issuing visas. It mainly depends from situation to situation there is no fixed timeline set by authorities herein. Numerous factors responsible for delay are as follows: condition of application form, nationality of applicants, whether copies of documents are in correct order or not, etc.


The application costs for a visitor visa start from AUD 145 if a candidate applies from overseas and AUD 370 in case an individual has applied from Australian territory.

Frequently Asked Questions?

The application procedure might vary depending on the type of entry permit required by applicants. Candidates applying for Digital Travel Authorities Visas under subcategory 601 can lodge applications through the ETA platform following the appropriate stages to apply for such permits. There are other travel permits also available which can be lodged via virtual mode. An applicant can make their profile on the Immigration authorities' official website and complete the procedure. Whereas, they must submit forms before migrating overseas so that adequate time is provided to process applications and raise queries if they are facing any kind of difficulty in their immigration procedure. Furthermore, authorities will update candidates in writing about visitors' visa status whether it has been approved or not. If the visitor's visa gets approval then it will get linked with the applicant's passport. For additional information concerning visa applications, their different forms, eligibility conditions, and a detailed procedure to apply for an Australian permit. These are some of the questions raised by eligible candidates if you are one of them then visit the Jagvimal Consultants website immediately.

Candidates residing in the Australian region being a visa holder under Digital Travel Authorities permit under subcategory 601. In such cases, an applicant can extend their stay by applying for other entry permits such as tourist visas of subclass 600. Henceforth, an electronic visitor visa of subdivision 651 is an exception where the validity of this permit cannot be extended.

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