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Australia comes under the top 10 “Quality of Life Index countries” by the World Population Review organization and is a highly demanding nation to migrate abroad. People globally love to fly there due to ample opportunities concerning their careers and happening lifestyles. In terms of other value-adding features which make the country so unique are top-notch health infrastructure, wealth, better education, and global Infrastructure. It is a one-stop destination for geeks, especially student education having top-rank institutes with scholarship programs on the global standards. Over 1 million international students enrolled till 2023 within the country indicates rapid migration in Australia.

Immigration Agents Melbourne

Migration Agent Melbourne

We here at “Jagvimal Consultants” create a pathway for your Australian Migration process with our fully skilled Immigration Agent in Melbourne to help you with visa and immigration needs. The first question that comes to your mind after hearing the registered immigration agents is, ” Why do we need that?”. The Australian authority DIAC (The Australian Department of Immigration and Citizenship) recommends immigration agents in Australia who have been registering with MARA (the Australian Migration Agents Registration Authority). All Agents registered with MARA are professionals that help applicants to get Australian visas and citizenship. We understand that migrating to another country is always an intimidating and hectic process containing hurdles. To overcome such issues, our agents provide every possible assistance for you with smooth visa and immigration grants.

Melbourne Lifestyle: A Multicultural Blend of Opportunity, Culture, and Natural Beauty

Melbourne, the second-largest city in Australia situated southeastern part of Victoria State. The city has over 3 million population that comes second largest after Sydney, known for its multicultural, vibrant arts & culture and stable economy. Melbourne is highly popular among ex-pats globally, having fascinating attractions with thrilling activities. It’s no wonder that city comes under the world’s top 10 Global Liveability Index rated based on stability, healthcare, culture and environment, education, and infrastructure.

Why Living in Melbourne is Simply Awesome

Immigrating to Melbourne to kick start your career? As the world’s most livable city, it has something for everyone. With plenty of options, your senses will be thrilled with delights. The thought of residing in Melbourne can initially feel overwhelming due to its global recognition and immense popularity. There are numerous attractions to explore and activities to perform it. Sometimes, it may be tough to know where to start with. However, preparing things can equip you and give you the confidence to tackle the city’s offerings, even before setting foot in. There are numerous factors that you may know before immigrating to Melbourne, with some of the most compelling ones being:

Multicultural Diversity

With a rich tapestry of cultures having different people, Melbourne has tangible vibrancy with diversity, making it an exciting place to call home. This cultural fusion is shown in the city's cuisine, festivals, and events, offering exciting experiences and perspectives for locals and visitors alike.

Efficient Public Transportation

The city has an excellent public transportation system, having trams, buses, and trains, enabling easy commutes. The established connectivity of bike lanes and paths is an extra advantage, making it convenient for people to roam around the city.

Robust Job Market

Melbourne's strong economy includes various industries, like finance, healthcare, and technology, that present exceptional employment opportunities for professionals. The city is also home to numerous major MNC companies to strengthen the job market. The country welcomes skilled workers as there are various occupations presently in demand.

  1. Health Professionals: One of the noble cause professions that include Doctors, Surgeons, Nurses, and other health professionals, such as physiotherapists and occupational therapists.
  2. IT professionals: The IT industry is on a boom nowadays and one of the highest gross margin industries that need Software engineers, developers, and Specific technology specialists as per the requirement.
  3. Teachers: For those who want to make their career in the teaching field, Australia is one of the finest places to live their dreams.
  4. Finance: People with a finance background, such as CA, Accountants, and Auditors, can apply for a job here.
  5. Engineers: Applicants related to the Mechanical, Civil, and electronics fields have plenty of opportunities to work here.

Security and Peace

Melbourne is well known for being a safe and secure city with a minimum crime rate, making it an ideal city to live in and raise a family. It has a strong sense of community that welcome locals contributing significantly to its reputation for safety and peace.

Quality Life

The city offers high quality of life as one of the top happening cities. It has sturdy healthcare, education, and infrastructure, which enhance the quality of life for its residents. The beauty enriches with famous parks, cultural events, and sports activities add to its charm, making it a perfect city for those who want to settle and live a happy lifestyle.


Melbourne has excellent opportunities for higher education, all thanks to its high-ranked universities making it a desirable destination for students. The city has plenty of schools and educational institutions catering to students of all ages and providing diverse educational options.

How to proceed with Australian Immigration?

Immigrating to Australia sustains a complex procedure that is not possible without proper assistance and guidance. To make that possible, we have to follow various steps.

  1. We must check the eligibility criteria before getting involved in the immigration process. The country offers a wide range of visas as per the requirements and eligibility, like skilled worker visas, family visas, and business visas.
  2. Once you check the eligibility, the second step is to find the right visa option as per your needs and circumstances which include the reason for the visit, length of stay, etc.
  3. While applying for a working visa, one should lodge an EOI(Expression of Interest) as per the skill set. The whole system is online, and you can checkout as per your skills, years of experience, and other valid details.
  4. You can submit a visa application online with various documents, such as a passport, skills assessment, English language proficiency, and health and character certificates.
  5. After submitting all the documents, you have to wait for the result. The processing time is subjective and depends upon the application. Other factors also depend on processing time, whether you process on your own or with the help of immigration agents.

Migration Agents in Melbourne

A migration agent in Melbourne assists your visa and migration process hassle-free and offers a wide range of services to start your journey so lively that you feel at home in a different country. Our visa consultant in Melbourne helps our clients to apply for the appropriate visa within multiple visa options according to the client’s needs and eligibility. The types of Visas under subclasses offered by the Australian Government are

  • Visitor Visas
  • Studying and Training Visas
  • Family and Partner Visas
  • Working and Skilled Visas
  • Refugee and humanitarian visas
  • Other visas
  • Repealed visas

Visitor Visa

A visitor visa for Australia allows you to visit the country as a tourist, for business purposes, or to visit your family and friends. These visas’ validity varies up to 12 months, although shorter durations such as 3 to 6 months. There are many visa options available under various subclasses of visitor visas such as

  • Electronic Travel Authority (subclass 601)
  • eVisitor (subclass 651)
  • Transit visa (subclass 771)
  • Visitor (subclass 600)
  • Work and Holiday visa (subclass 462)
  • Working Holiday visa (subclass 417)

Studying and Training Visas

The studying and Training visa category helps individuals to undertake a course of study or education within the country. This visa allows you to remain in Australia for the entire duration of your education until it’s finished.  Three types of Studying and Training visa options are available, depending on your education and circumstances. These include-

  • Student Visa (subclass 500): For individuals who wish to undertake full-time study in Australia.
  • Student Guardian Visa (subclass 590): For parents or guardians of international students who are under 18 years of age.
  • Training Visa (subclass 407): For individuals who wish to undertake workplace-based training in Australia.

Family and Partner Visas

The immigration department of Australia offers  Family and Partner Visas in Australia to allow individuals to reunite with their family members or partners who are Australian citizens, permanent residents, or eligible New Zealand citizens. This category includes a wide variety of visa options under many subclasses such as

  • Adoption visa (subclass 102)
  • Aged Dependent Relative visa (subclass 114)
  • Aged Dependent Relative visa (subclass 838)
  • Aged Parent visa (subclass 804)
  • Carer visa (subclass 836)
  • Carer visa (subclass 116)
  • Child visa (subclass 101)
  • Child visa (subclass 802)
  • Contributory Aged Parent (Temporary) visa (subclass 884)
  • Contributory Aged Parent visa (subclass 864)
  • Contributory Parent (Temporary) visa (subclass 173)
  • Contributory Parent visa (subclass 143)
  • Dependent Child visa (subclass 445)
  • New Zealand Citizen Family Relationship (temporary) visa (subclass 461)
  • Orphan Relative (subclass 117)
  • Orphan Relative (subclass 837)
  • Parent visa (subclass 103)
  • Partner (Provisional and Migrant) visa (subclass 309 100)
  • Partner visa (subclass 820 801)
  • Prospective Marriage visa (subclass 300)
  • Remaining Relative visa (subclass 115)
  • Remaining Relative visa (subclass 835)
  • Sponsored Parent (Temporary) visa (subclass 870)

Working and Skilled Visas

These visa options are available who want to work or settle down in Australia. As there are many visa subclass available under “working and skilled visa” which are as follows:-

  • Business Innovation and Investment (permanent) visa (subclass 888)
  • Business Innovation and Investment (provisional) visa (subclass 188)
  • Business Owner (subclass 890)
  • Global Talent visa (subclass 858)
  • Employer Nomination Scheme (subclass 186)
  • Investor visa (subclass 891)
  • Permanent Residence (Skilled Regional) visa (subclass 191)
  • Skilled Regional visa (subclass 887)
  • Skilled Work Regional (Provisional) visa (subclass 491)
  • State or Territory Sponsored Business Owner visa (subclass 892)
  • State or Territory Sponsored Investor visa (subclass 893)
  • Regional Sponsored Migration Scheme (subclass 187)
  • Skilled Employer Sponsored Regional (provisional) visa (subclass 494)
  • Skilled Independent visa (subclass 189)
  • Skilled Nominated visa (subclass 190)
  • Skilled-Recognised Graduate visa (subclass 476)
  • Skilled Regional (provisional) visa (subclass 489)
  • Temporary Graduate visa (subclass 485)
  • Temporary Work (International Relations) visa (subclass 403)
  • Temporary Work (Short Stay Specialist) visa (subclass 400)
  • Temporary Skill Shortage visa (subclass 482)
  • Temporary Activity visa (subclass 408)

Refugee and Humanitarian Visas

If you face significant discrimination or human rights abuses, you can avail of this visa to relocate to Australia with your family and starts a new life. As per eligibility and certain conditions, there are four visa subclass available in this category.

  • Global Special Humanitarian (subclass 202)
  • Protection visa (subclass 866)
  • Refugee visas (subclass 200, 201, 203, and 204)
  • Temporary Protection visa (subclass 785)
  • Safe Haven Enterprise visa (subclass 790)
  • Resolution of Status visa (subclass 851)

Other Visas

This category includes conditional temporary visas for different conditions. If your visa is expired and you have already applied for a new visa then this temporary visa allows you to stay in Australia until your application is processed completely. There are various other visa subclasses available as per eligibility.

  • Bridging visa A – BVA – (subclass 010)
  • Bridging visa B – BVB – (subclass 020)
  • Bridging visa C – BVC – (subclass 030)
  • Bridging visa E – BVE – (subclass 050 and 051)
  • Crew Travel Authority visa (subclass 942)
  • Former Resident visa (subclass 151)
  • Maritime Crew visa (subclass 988)
  • Medical Treatment visa (subclass 602)
  • Resident Return visa (subclass 155 157)
  • Special Category visa (subclass 444)
  • Special Purpose visa
  • Investor Retirement visa (subclass 405)
  • Confirmatory (Residence) visa (subclass 808)

Repealed Visas

Repealed visas also offer various visa options as per the eligibility of the applicant which includes plenty of subclasses such as:

  • Business (Short Stay) visa (subclass 456)
  • Business Skills (Provisional) visa (subclass 160 and 165)
  • Business Talent (Permanent) visa (subclass 132)
  • Distinguished Talent visa (subclass 124)
  • Domestic Worker (Temporary) Diplomatic and Consular visa (subclass 426)
  • Domestic Worker (Temporary) Executive visa (subclass 427)
  • Electronic Travel Authority (Business Entrant) visa (subclass 956 and 977)
  • Electronic Travel Authority (Visitor) visa (subclass 976)
  • Employer Nomination Scheme (subclass 121 and 856)
  • Established Business in Australia visa (subclass 845)
  • Exchange visa (subclass 411)
  • Foreign Government Agency (subclass 415)
  • Government Agreement visa (subclass 406)
  • Labour Agreement visa (subclass 120)
  • Labour Agreement visa (subclass 855)
  • Media and Film Staff visa (subclass 423)
  • Medical Practitioner visa (subclass 422)
  • Medical Treatment (Short Stay) visa (subclass 675)
  • Medical Treatment Long Stay visa (subclass 685)
  • Regional Sponsor Migration Scheme (subclass 119 and 857)
  • Religious Worker visa (subclass 428)
  • Retirement visa (subclass 410)
  • Skilled Designated Area Sponsored visa (subclass 496)
  • Skilled Independent Regional (Provisional) visa (subclass 495)
  • Skilled Independent visa (subclass 175)
  • Skilled Independent visa (subclass 885)
  • Skilled Regional Sponsored visa (subclass 475)
  • Skilled Regional Sponsored (subclass 487)
  • Skilled Sponsored visa (subclass 176)
  • Special Program visa (subclass 416)
  • Sponsored visa (subclass 886)
  • Sport visa (subclass 421)
  • Superyacht Crew visa (subclass 488)
  • State or Territory Sponsored Regional Established Business in Australia visa (subclass 846)
  • Temporary Work (Entertainment) visa (subclass 420)
  • Temporary Work (Skilled) visa (subclass 457)
  • Tourist visa (subclass 676)
  • Temporary Work (long Stay Activity) visa (subclass 401)
  • Training and Research visa (subclass 402)
  • Visiting Academic visa (subclass 419)
  • Foreign Affairs or Defence sector visa (subclass 576)
  • Higher Education Sector visa (subclass 573)
  • Independent ELICOS Sector visa (subclass 570)
  • Non Award Sector visa (subclass 575)
  • Postgraduate Research Sector visa (subclass 574)
  • School Sector visa (subclass 571)
  • Student Guardian visa (subclass 580)
  • Vocational Education and Training Sector visa (Subclass 572)

Each visa category has eligibility and requirements that satisfy the Australian Department of Immigration and Citizenship (DIAC) rules. While applying for any of these visa categories, Migration agents read out all visa rules and eligibility criteria for successful visa applications to their clients. Without appropriate knowledge, it’s too tough to apply for it. That’s the reason we encourage applicants to reach our migration agents so they can help out to find the appropriate visa category.

Compliance with Immigration laws

Immigration Agents regularly update their knowledge, authority rules, and terms under the government law so that nothing will miss out while processing visas and immigration. This eager nature helps and ensures their clients that everything is compliant with all relevant information.

Preparation of Documents and Certifications

Lining up documents is a tricky task that needs knowledge and awareness too, where our migration agents in Melbourne scale up the process appropriately. The process starts with certifying and arranging the identity documents with the passport application. The process begins with certifying the identity documents with the passport application, which solely handles everything.

Representation and Advocacy

Each step of visa and migration leads you to move door to door with authorities to find out the progress. Instead of it, migration agents dealing on behalf of you with authorities fasten the whole process. They reached out to the migration proceedings, appeal, review, and advocate your case in the absence of their clients.

Support with Settlement

Our immigration agents in Melbourne are responsible for the visa and migration process and help to settle down in the country, including accommodation, health care, education, and employment support.

How Jagvimal Consultants can help you?

Jagvimal Consultants is a brand in overseas education that has experienced Immigration agents for Australia. All the agents register with OMARA( the Office of the Migration Agents Registration Authority), an official authority under the Australian Government and Law. This authority keeps control and checks that agents should work on standards and meet the proper requirements. Our experienced Immigration agents help you choose and advise the best visa options within your eligibility and needs. Extensive knowledge in specific fields helps our clients complete the whole process rapidly.

We believe in transparency, and our agents follow complete clarity with clients, understanding the requirements step by step. As the process is a bit complex, we always suggest hiring immigration agents who stay by your side in the process to make it smooth. Trustworthiness is very important when hiring an agent that you rely on. We guarantee the best results and successful migration to Australia with a hassle-free process.

Let's Discuss

  • To discuss further on the correct Visa option for you, call our “migration consultants in melbourne” on +61 469 883 084 or email at, we shall get in touch at the earliest.

Frequently Asked Questions?

The process of immigrating to Melbourne is hassle-free with our experienced immigration agents. To begin the journey, you initially need to apply visa that suits your needs and qualifications as per Australian immigration laws and regulations.

Getting a job there is a different process and still many job opportunities the country provides citizens. Mediums to search the jobs are looking online, in newspapers, or on job boards, and networking with people in your industry. Reaching out to recruiters and employment agencies is a good option for employment.

Melbourne is one of the most expensive cities in Australia. However, the expenses may vary as per your lifestyle and management.

If you want to get the Australian PR, you have to apply for a visa in 3 categories, as the most common way to get the PR is A family-stream permanent visa A work-stream permanent visa A business or investor-stream permanent visa. Each visa has its eligibility criteria and requirements to apply for it. Once you get any of these visas, you can get Australian PR and be able to do further studies and work there as much as you want. You can travel and fly back to the country as much as you desire. So, all the benefits will count under the category of successful immigration.

Hiring a migration agent can make the visa application process less complicated and guarantee to meet all the essential requirements for your visa. Apart from it, offer advice on the most suitable visa options as per your eligibility.

The fees charged by migration agents in Melbourne may vary based on the visa type and the complexity of the application process. Before employing their services, it’s good to discuss their fees and services.

The best way to find registered migration agents is to visit MARA(Migration Agents Registration Authority) website to hire a reliable and experienced migration agent

For a successful migration, you need to follow a series of steps. Initially, start determining the eligibility criteria, whether it’s about the visa options or other documentation. The visa option should be as per your need and circumstances. The country has various visa options with different eligibility criteria. So, if you plan to settle there as a skilled worker, you must submit an Expression of Interest (EOI) through SkillSelect. The Australian government verifies the skillset with relevant authorities, and after the verification, you can apply for a visa with eligible documents. Once the application process is complete, then wait until it’s approved.

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