186 Work Visa

The Employer NominationScheme [ENS 186 Visa] permits employers in Australia to sponsor workers from other countries for availing perpetual visa to carry out their occupation within Australian companies. Such permits is outlined to resolve the requirement of service concerning employers in Australia by permitting them to employ and appoint proficient candidates to fill the vacancies that local workers of Australia could not cater or where existing workforce members were unable to occupy vacant positions. The ENS [Nomination System of Employer] under 186 permit division discusses professional visa which are applicable onnon-residents and outsiders within Australian territory where candidates must fulfill eligibility criteria concerning fitness and personality aspects. Numerous employment visa emphasizes eligible applicants to meet English Linguistic Assessment and other relevant requisites. In this blog, we are going discuss 186 visa subclass requirement and their impact on international workers. It also provides a comprehensive guide about 186 permit various parameters such as documents required, eligibility criteria, advantages of issuing this subclass, process of visa application, and fee structure.

186 Work Visa

Why Choose 186 Visa?

The ENS scheme also known as the Employer Nomination System is admissible for the candidates possessing approved employer sponsorship for conducting an occupational stream of work within the listed position in the Australian region. An aspirant must hold the necessary skills to practice their specialized profession such a person is competent to register for applying 186 ENS permit after receiving an invitation from their prescribed employer in Australia. It directs individuals to meet medical and character prerequisites to obtain visa approval. This entry permit is tailored for candidates who want to pursue their higher education and carry out occupation simultaneously with perpetual residential rights in Australian territory. It also provides applicants the privilege to enroll in respective health insurance plans that are funded by the nation. The 186 visa allows eligible aspirants to invite dependents like parents, partners, and children to settle in the Australian region on a perpetual basis with the respective visa holder. Moreover, candidates can apply for citizenship in Australia if an individual is competent to meet the eligibility criterion set by immigration authorities. The 186 permit provides a perpetual residence for applicants who can fulfill the required conditions. The candidates planning to opt for an appropriate stream of work visa depending on their individuals circumstances. In such a case, the certified immigration agents of Jagvimal Consultants welcome applicants to attain comprehensive guidance from our qualified and trained consultants. 

Pathway for attaining 186 visa

Various kinds of ENS 186 visa streams are available for international workers who aspire to work in Australia such as:

Direct Entry Stream: In this route of permit, the 186 visa subclass provides candidates perpetual residency grant which enables them to settle and conduct occupational activity in the Australian region. Moreover, individuals must obtain sponsorship from their employers in Australia who is leading a dynamic and legitimate business within the country. Some of the noteworthy eligibility conditions are as follows:

  1. The applicants should hold the necessary skills to carry out their preferred profession.
  2. A candidate should receive a nomination from their sanctioned employer in Australia under visa subclass 482 and 457 within the former 3 years out of preceding four years before furnishing invitations to candidates within 186 permits.
  3. An aspirant shall not be more than 45 years old during the time of registration.
  4. Such applicant must show their potential expertise in English linguistic proficiency.
  5. The candidates should be sponsored by their employers in Australia who run legally approved businesses in Australian territory.
  6. They should also fulfill the required medical and personality conditions.

Provisional Stay Transition Stream [TRT]: The candidates holding visa subclass 482, 457, and Temporary skill shortage linking permit are competent to register under this stream of work. It enables overseas specialized employees to practice the occupation in the Australian region particularly applicants who has received sponsorship from an approved employer within Australia. Some of the basic conditions have been outlined such as:

  1. An aspirant must hold relevant expertise to practice occupation in their selected stream of work within Australia.
  2. The applicants should attain nomination from their employer in Australia within the visa subcategory of 482 and 457 in the former three years out of last four years before sponsoring them within 186 permits to work and settle in the Australian region.
  3. An individual should be aged below 45 years during their visa form registration.
  4. They must show their potential skills within English linguistic aptitude.
  5. Applicant should be sponsored by their employer in Australia who runs a legitimate business in Australian territory.
  6. A person shall comply with medical and character requisites. 

Worker Agreement Stream: It allows international proficient employees to be nominated for carrying out their occupation and reside in the Australian region perpetually. This visa is tailored to guide workers in addressing requirements for skill shortage by avoiding any kind of damage or without hampering Australian inhabitants’ interest concerning employment-equipped opportunities. The stream of work is appropriate for aspirants who are carrying a job presently or planning to practice a profession in Australia under an employer who has been invited for worker agreement. Some of the chief eligibility criteria are as follows:

  1. The potential applicants should carry occupation under the workers' agreement.
  2. An aspirant must meet requisites comprising various parameters such as age, linguistic skills, and additional requirements that involve relevant expertise to carry out the job within the specialized stream of work.
  3. The capable candidates must be sponsored by their employer in Australia who runs a legitimate business and belongs to the workers' agreement.
  4. They are also required to oblige character and medical prerequisites within this stream.

Advantages of selecting 186 visa

The Employers Sponsorship Scheme is provided within entry permit subclass 186 which furnishes the following advantages for eligible visa holders.

  • This visa enables candidates to stay and carry out jobs in Australian territory for a prolonged period.
  • An applicant holding such a permit is capable of pursuing education within Australia.
  • The aspirants are directed to take healthcare schemes like Medicare which is an Australian medical program. It is run by the State Government of Australia to ensure health coverage for overseas workers.
  • This permit also provides access to communal safety welfare.
  • It enables applicants to register for citizenship application in Australia after complying with the eligibility criteria for entry permit.
  • The candidates also have the privilege to nominate their close family members like partners, parents, children, or other dependents.
  • It also provides a path to commute from the Australian region without any restraint.
  • Process to apply for 186 Visa
  • The Employer Nomination Scheme entails a comprehensive and exhaustive process that requires applicants to employ the best migration agent in Australia to reduce the burden of completing a visa application on time. It provides step-by-step detailed procedures for submitting visa forms successfully. 
  • The first stage directs the applicants to make sure that basic eligibility criteria have been fulfilled by application. It analyses entry permit form information which must be accurate to obtain visa approval for 186 permits.
  • The second stage confers candidates to obtain sponsorship from employers for funding individuals' stay in Australia and carrying out occupation within the nation. Such nominal visa must comply with requirements set by DHA [Home Affairs Department] before submitting an application within the 186 permit subclass. It ensures applicants to register this permit within 6 months after obtaining sponsorship from the employer.
  • The third step requires an aspirant to gather and submit relevant paperwork or documentation for completing a visa application within the 186 subclass. This stage lays evidence concerning admissible requisites within such a category of work permit. Henceforth, candidates must opt for measures to avoid any kind of mistake or postponement.
  • The fourth step outlays the eligible platform for submitting 186 visa subclass of the Employers Nomination Scheme which is furnished through virtual mode. While uploading paperwork applicants must ensure to keep documents within reach and make prescribed payment for completing the application successfully.
  • The fifth stage mandates applicants to wait patiently for the permit outcome which may take few months approx. Furthermore, it notifies individuals about the status of their visa application herein.
  • The sixth step is the last stage where candidates have been notified about the visa application results. Whether such aspirants' permit forms have been accepted or rejected by the prescribed authorities of immigration. If aspirants receives approval from DHA then individuals can seek a PR visa under the 186 permit subclass to commence their living and practice occupation within the Australian region

Mandatory Documents

The candidates enrolling for ENS permit [Employers Sponsorship Schemes] within Australian territory are required to submit certain paperwork which acts as an important fragment in confirming the eligibility aspect of individuals. Such certifications cater as proof for aspirants’ conferring their academic background and professional experience with other relevant documents to support their application for completing the visa process successfully without any delay. It includes a list of certificates and documents that applicants must collect and upload while applying for an occupational visa application in Australia.

  • An applicant must submit a legitimate passport.
  • It requires individuals to furnish scorecard credentials for skill evaluation.
  • The aspirants must attach the results of their English Linguistic Exam.
  • The applicant should submit their professional backdrop certificates like recommendation letters issued from previous employers, and paperwork displaying the applicant’s history of occupation within former organizations.
  • It is necessary to attach academic transcripts from recognized Educational Institutions like Schools, Colleges, and Universities.
  • The individuals should also submit their character and medical credentials with their visa form.
  • Lastly, aspirants are required to attach a Cost Statement of Australia and affix their signature with such credentials.

Eligibility Requirements

The candidates who aspire to receive an employer's Nomination permit should comply with certain eligibility criteria. It ensures eligible aspirants to hold the required qualifications and traits for laying their contribution within the key personnel in Australian territory. This visa comprises a list of necessary conditions that eligible applicants must meet to complete the visa application successfully without any delay.

  • Applicants must attain a sponsorship letter from a competent employer in Australia.
  • The individuals should not be more than 45 years old.
  • It is required for individuals to fulfill proficiency criteria, academic qualification, and English linguistic requisites.
  • The candidates must comply with medical and personality requisites as provided by DHA [Home Affairs Department].
  • The individuals must have professional exposure within a sponsored work position in Australian territory for at least two years approximately.
  • An applicant should also affix their signature with the Australian Cost Statement.

The eligibility criteria discussed above may vary depending on the stream of permits within which candidates register. It shall exhibit probable exception to the requisites discussed above to receive an ENS visa in the Australian region.

Processing Time of 186 Visa Subclass

The ENS 186 visa application processing period might differ within distinct streams of entry permit subclass. It depends on the type of visa and the list of required paperwork for which candidates have either applied or not. Whereas, employer nomination visas are processed during different timeline schemes such as:

  • Firstly, if the candidate has selected the Direct Entry stream then such a person is required to wait for at least eleven to fifteen months approximately after submitting a valid visa application.
  • Secondly, overseas applicants registering their work visa under Provisional Stay Transition Streams then such form may processed within almost ten to thirteen months.
  • Lastly, the Workers Agreement Stream processing time after submitting a visa application is around eight to nine months approx.

Application Fee structure

The ENS permit 186 subclass application fee can play a crucial role for overseas aspirants. It highlights the nominal charges for registering within the Employers Nomination Schemes permit which individuals can achieve by making a prescribed payment of $4,640 for the main candidate within this Australian visa.  If the applicant's family member wants to enter the Australian region then an additional amount shall be levied which may vary depending on their eligibility requisites like English linguistic skills and other relevant documentation.  The 186 visa also involves costs apart from application fees such as competency charges required for medical assessment, police clearance certificate, and biometrics credentials which might be essential to finish the permit procedure

Frequently Asked Questions?

This category of visa enables competent overseas workers holding sponsorship letters which are furnished by their selected approved employer to reside and practice occupation on a perpetual basis within Australian territory.

The international workers who are nominated by their preferred employers must meet visa requirements like professional criteria, skill examination, age aspect, and other parameters to decide if individuals are competent to register under 186 visa or not.

The 186 visas can be obtained by following step by a step-by-step process which includes essential paperwork handy, securing employer sponsorship letter from eligible employers, and 186 visa applications with accurate information, paying prescribed visa fees, waiting for the issuance of the results from DHA [Department of Home Affair]

The 186 visa holder can avail numerous advantages such as settling in Australia permanently without any restriction, receiving grants for pursuing education, practice occupation, and avail healthcare benefits like Medicare, for attaining nomination possibilities to invite competent family members, and applying for a capable route towards citizenship.

The 186 visa application processing period may vary depending on numerous parameters within Australian territory such as correct information filled in their visa form by candidates, successful payment of required application fee, and so on.

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