CERT III of Automotive Technology

Advanced Diploma of Civil Construction Design

CERT III of Automotive Technology

This certificate program delivers exceptional learning achievement which is gained after finishing the preferred course.  In general allotted by communal or technical establishments, a relevant diploma or certificate is appropriate for explicit professional outlines in several field. Such academic program often mandates practical teaching and career exposure, advancing candidates through proper assistance to pursue desired profession in this area. It tackles and resolves limitations within classroom that is one of the leading advantage of CERT III in Automotive Technology. The course curriculum prepares potential applicants for an entry-grade or subordinate job role within a broad range of industries. Many years of work experience, with recent advancement in technology or perhaps plan higher education that might be required for development in this field, with numerous employment opportunities available for aspirants. Occupational prospects can be explored in both public and private fields, examination and growth, product execution, etc. Certain job opportunities involve roles in locomotive arena such as operator or vehicle facility engineer and so on.



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The Certificate III of Automotive Technology furnishes physical classroom sessions involving both theoretical and research-based assessment. A recognized academic establishment delivers a prominent degree of study material and applied workshops that are contemporary yet secure with the equipment needed to carry out operation in this particular field. Every single instructor is skilled and dedicated for offering guidance to potential aspirants during the program. However, such a certificate is outlined for overseas applicants who are seeking to commence or progress their career growth within the automotive industry.

It conveys a basic understanding of concepts and expertise required for accomplishment within this area comprising study of automated reparation through the usage of specified equipment and tools. After completion of the program, candidates can continue their academic journey by pursuing Certificate IV or Diploma prerequisite courses setting a platform for attaining a worthwhile profession as an Analytical Engineer or Technician. This course emphasizes on preparing individuals to learn skills relevant forsupplying services, examination, and renovation of machine-driven parts in vehicles, covering vital units like appliance, communication, and deferment of system.

It encompasses a detailed pattern that covers broad variety of components such as detection and renovation of battery systems, preliminary systems, detonation systems, eruptionwithin engine supervision systems, ignition spark locomotive control systems, etc. The automotive technology industry requires skillencompassing method of evaluation, charging, and substitute battery, to ensure a well-versed skill package with specialized expertise that offers discrete assistance in a cut-throat employment marketplace. Henceforth such a career pathway furnishes huge demand for certified technicians in the Australian region which has ultimately open door for multiple job opportunities concerning potential automotive experts gradually during the forthcoming period.

The program requirements of Certificate III in Automotive Technology offer an exceptional career path for dedicated and committed staff members in the automotive industry. It includes distinct job positions for potential aspirants as per their expertise within the field.

  • Automobile Service Mechanic: This employment position involves various services conferring specialized technician to renovate and restore vehicles coveringobligations such as analysing vehicle errors, sustaining and replacing defective parts, and maintaining timely renovation of vehicles. Such professionals are mandated to ensure the effective functioning of vehicles including tasks like identifying automobile defects mechanically or taking assistance from software applications or varied cyber tools. It prepares finances and deadlines estimated for completion of operation, restoration, and replacement of defective automobile parts, performs test drives to diagnose damage, carry out timely service and repairs, update vehicle examination records, install and fit the latest vehicle fittings, etc.
  • Vehicle Facility Technician: This employment position assigns distinct tasks and responsibilities to individuals relying on work surroundings and expertise. It uses physical and digitally identified tools to analyse potential vehicle issues, stating automated queries and probable resolutions for customers, and outlining the work with test drive process through graphic representation, exposure, or various institutional tactics. Such mechanical experts examine automobile parts and structure to ensure their correct functioning. It provides assessment and evaluation of vehicles' primary systems and performs fundamental automated support involving changes and rotation of tyres, etc. In its furtherance, skilled auto mechanic repair and replace outdated or damaged parts of automobiles with restoration or modification tactics of vehicle as per customer demand.   

The CERT III of Automotive Technology offers potential students an exceptional platform to shape their careers within this field by attending seminars, workshops, and lectures through the guidance and support of qualified trainers within recognized academic institutions. It is a listed provider of nationwide accredited and approved training programs for domestic or foreign aspirants offering varied intake timelines planned every year with a perfect blend of onsite and virtual classroom sessions. Such courses furnish guidance from dedicated mentors who generally help individuals to understand the operation and assist them during program. Such instructors are qualified to hold good experience in their professional field to support the study permit application process and apply their form before prescribed sovereign authority of Australia. Some of the main entry requirements to adhere while applying for this program are discussed below:

  • An applicant should be at least 18 years old during the beginning period of the program. Individuals should secure a valid entry permit that enables students in their academics under Registered Training Organization of Australia before commencement of the program.   
  • The potential aspirants should complete an Australian Year 11 or higher equivalence academic program from their domestic nation to attain enrolment within this course.
  • Such overseas candidates enrolling for this prerequisite should demonstrate proof concerning their English language skills by qualifying assessments like IELTS with a minimum 5.5 to 6.0 band or appear in equivalent tests which are accredited by DHA [Home Affairs Department]. The immigration regulation of Australia relies on evaluation grades for safety of degree which is designated to entire entrants’ population ranging from level one to four. However, such progression of assessment level refers to increasing challenges for receiving approved permit. Other linguistic proficiency exams are PTE Academics, TOEFL, Cambridge English Advanced Course, and OET, etc.
  • A foreign applicant who is unable to comply with English language qualification for the desired program might commence ELICOS assessment [English Linguistic Exhaustive Program for International Aspirants]. Moreover, potential students excluding Recognition Prior Learning [RPL] learners shall take on Language, Literary, and Numerical Competence[LLN] Assessment before initiation of the program. Such exam is outlined by an accredited educational institution that evaluates the capability of aspirants through their qualification criteria. It is considered key instrument to guide university staff members in recognizing applicants who might need assistance concerning linguistic or numerical settings. Henceforth, the LLN exam is designed as per the Skill Core Framework of Australian Policies.  Such evaluation is cleared after registration within the certificate program and before starting this course.    
  • Before initiating the RPL procedure capable individuals are mandated to possess valid professional exposure or hold relevant proof to demonstrate equivalent work apprenticeship set requisites.
  • In certain cases, exemption is provided to candidates who are not holding valid English language proficiency scorecard during entry permit application process. Such individuals shall be resident or has acquired a valid passport from the United Kingdom, America, New Zealand, Canada, and Ireland. An individual who is subject to Defence Force or Foreign Affairs being nominated applicant or AASES [Subordinate Exchange Learners] shall be exempted from above qualification. 
  • It also exempts registered students who has taken part in the primary program of learning which is an enrolled institution program like ELICOS [English Linguistic Exhaustive Program for International Student] or approved masters applied course. This program shall involve potential candidates who has finished five years of academic prospects in the English language from nation like the UK, America, NZ, South Africa, Canada, or Ireland.   
  • The candidates enrolling two years before receiving sanctioned permit to carry their studies within the Australian region must finish either higher grade qualification certificate of Academics or an extensive unit of a program resulting in satisfying prerequisite under AQF [Qualification Framework of Australia] CERT IV or advanced level of education while holding an appropriate visa for commencing their education within a foreign land. It requires aspirants to furnish proof concerning the English language scorecard and attach same with the individual visa application formif such person possesses [British National Abroad] BNO valid passport.

The Certificate III of Automotive Technology comprises relevant unit of competence that potential aspirants must study before commencing their career in mechanical industry. It encompasses 36 components that eligible overseas students should finish during the certificate program with 20 core segments and 16 elective units.

Core Sections Elective Components
•    Monitor eco-friendly and ecological leading practices within the automotive workforce
•    Carry out secure employment practice in machine-driven place of work
•    Examine and restore fundamental automated circuits
•    Identify and renovate the spark eruption locomotive supervision scheme
•    Analyse, charge, and substitute battery with kick-start motor  
•    Detect and restore the charging system
•    Analyse and repair the start-up method
•    Detect and restore eruption spark system
•    Analyse and overhaul the automotive fluid decelerating method
•    Identify and renovate mechanical navigation scheme
•    Analyse and restore motorized instruments
•    Identify and repair the automotive deferment system
•    Diagnosis and reparation of motorized radiation mechanism system
•    Practice support oriented tasks
•    Progress and practice detection examination policies
•    Interact effectually in a power-driven workforce
•    Detect and renovate apparatus and cautionary scheme
•    Eliminate, examine, and restore automotive tire and wheel associations 
•    Identify and repair motorized clutch coordination
•    Practice automobile security examination
•    Gather and install decelerating system units
•    Check and carry out the cooling method
•    Review and facilitate the navigation system
•    Monitor and service deferral structure
•    Examine and check the diesel oil instillation scheme
•    Stability between controls and tires
•    Apply and coordinate measuring tools within a machine-driven workforce
•    Review and deal  closing drive association
•    Monitor and facility drive channels
•    Examine and service labour-intensive communication
•    Inspect and overhaul programmed broadcast

The overseas aspirants are individuals who neither possess citizenship credentials nor hold permanent residency right within Australian territory but carry legitimate student permit or intent to commence visa application process for gaining an approved study visa in Australia before commencing the program. All foreign candidates who aspire to commence their higher education in the Australian region upon issuance of a student permit are mandated to hold Enrolment confirmation certificate [CoE] before initiating the visa application procedure. Such credential is authorized paperwork produced through PRISMS [Registration Provider and Overseas Scholars Management Structure] which offers crucial details concerning individuals’ registration position. This certificate must be presented before the prescribed authority of DHA [Home Affair Department] before initiating application procedure for valid study permit. It obligates potential overseas students to carry genuine CoE documents at all intervals during the continuance of the course on a student permit.

Every competent overseas learner shall be furnished with an exceptional opportunity to hold basic academic education and valid professional exposure evaluated and acquire prior learning recognition [RPL]. On the other hand, potential applicants who have efficiently finished the entire unit of competence covered within the program with alternative RTO can register for Transmission Credit [CT]. However, both RPL and CT enrolment procedures are delivered to applicants within pre-registration records as per prior learning recognition and credit transmission guidelines and methods.
In this certificate program chief target market is for overseas candidates with valid entry permits and individuals who are looking to attain proficiency, understanding, and work to seek occupation within the locomotive marketing, facility, and renovation sector.  A competent applicant shall not be required to hold previous employment exposure or appropriate expertise with suitable knowledge to access this program of CERT III of Automotive Technology.  
The classroom session for such courses admits limited number of learners offering onsite delivery of comprehensive knowledge with work apprenticeship, research-based proficient training, and managerial academic sessions. An applicant shall be provided a proper schedule for taking lectures within the campus grounds of an accredited educational establishment. The aspirants will be offered proper assistance by their mentors both inside and outside classroom including physical sessions and access to reach out through registered email addresses or contact numbers of potential individuals. Mentors shall recommend learners about extensive delivery timetables. Several components of competence must be transported separately and combined unit of delivery. Whereas, understanding concerning the linkage between components of the stream is progressed during the continuance of the program.
Moreover, this course schedule is delivered to all applicants before initiation of the program during their orientation period. An applicant is offered preliminary guidance for a suitable course comprising plannedlearningstructure and evaluation procedure, support facilities, with a wide range of appropriate details during ongoing orientation session. Subsequently, automotive technology offers relevant study material to prepare applicants about distinct units of competence with adequate training within onsite classroom sessions. Applicants shall attend physical classes for each section at the approved stage following course duration. Henceforth, eligible applicants may get in touch with certified teachers for further guidance and relevant backing outside campus ground.

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