Diploma in Children Care Services

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Diploma in Children Care Services

The preliminary program of Children Support services demonstrates main function of prominent trainers in initial childhood and maintenance to carry out occupation withsincere youngsters' concerning academic and support facilities in the Australian region. Various accredited educational institution offers early childhood courses and enlists prerequisites that potential overseas aspirants should follow before the commencement of the program. Qualified Instructors hold critical responsibility within this job position to design and execute formal pattern that satisfies the basic needs of certified educational structure with accountability to maintain obedience in varied fields of the service procedure.  It applies an expert understanding of childcare concepts and monitors the usage of hypothetical units to expand employment settings.  Such career pathways might possess an obligation for supervising workforce or other trainers. The children's care services educator carries out the operation within extensive day support hubs, household day care, early grade schools or playschool, etc. After completion of the diploma qualified overseas candidates will gain valid expertise and exposure to work in children's support services and the childcare sector comprising various tasks such as


2 years

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Face to Face with eLearning



Course CRICOS Code


•    Backing enclosure and multiplicity
•    Maintains infant's health, security, and wellness
•    Fostering early childhood of young kids and toddler 
•    Upkeep affirmative and esteemed relationship with youngsters
•    Use of nationally recognized educational design to assist the operation
•    Maintaining comprehensive education curriculum and monitor progression of young kids
•    Delivering valid exposure to support infants’ performance and academics.
•    Backing toddlers to interact with their natural surroundings
•    Monitoring infants to update training services
•    Motivating cultural knowledge of inhabitants residing within Torres Strait or Aboriginal Island
•    Satisfying regulatory and moral responsibilities within early childhood academic and support facility
•    Practicing efficiently in early childhood and support industry
•    Detecting and answering to infants and young kids in danger
•    Offering first aid services in academic and support situations
•    Contributing towards workforce health and security  

To attain such academic benchmark from recognized educational establishments potential applicants are mandated to finish an overall 280 hours of training within organized early childhood learning and support facilities in the Australian region as extensive factor in the Evaluation Requisites of competent components. This nationally accredited program is a 52-week course that critically includes the delivery of education both within onsite classroom sessions and fieldwork training segments to outline career pathways in the childcare domain.
Aspirants shall use the credit transmission which leads to a perfect contest of competent modules within the program conducted by an approved VET [Vocation and education apprenticeship in Australia] prerequisites in a nationally accredited training institution [RTO]. If the applicant's recognition of prior learning [RPL] or credit transmission is registered then the learners’ enrolment confirmation certificate [CoE] should be attuned to display a decrease in the span of learning within which applicants have registered. Such academic pressure shall remain prearranged for 20 hours every week as per study visa qualification.
However, individuals could apply for RPL [Prior Learning Recognition] concerning their previous expertise and understanding that remains valid to the unit of competency under this program. Such specialized capability and awareness might be attained by students through workforce apprenticeship or fieldwork exposure that might decrease the ratio of segments necessary to finish while pursuing this program. In its furtherance, upon accomplishing CT/RPL approval potential students’ enrolment confirmation credentials [CoE] will be accustomed to demonstrate any reduction within the length of educational prospect that the learner has enrolled herein. Such academic burden shall stay fixed for up to 20 hours every week following student permit conditions. 

International candidates holding a Diploma in Early Childhood Education and Support services shall become eligible to pursue various career pathways with attractive salary packages within esteemed childcare organizations. Some of the prominent job positions are as follows-
•    Juvenile Growth Staff: The childhood enhancing workers shall guide parents and their family members by scheduling their activities like feeding meals to children, maintaining personal sanitization, and analysingjuveniles’ wellness, concerning socially and mentally challenging issues. This job role offered them age-suitable schooling, handling tasks with families to ensure that learners were studying or communicating through an optimistic approach. It might also help students to sterilize playtime and game zones with other responsibilities ensuring juveniles' security, cleanliness, and likable surroundings. Such day support workers can become efficient through comprehensive training and backing every minute detail. It mandates applicants to satisfy physically demanding positions and knowledge in the children's progression practices. This job role fosters support for infants by planning timetables and set routines, training, nourishing them, changing their diapers from time to time, maintaining hygiene within the surroundings of babies, and regularly sanitizing minors' toys. Such experts develop motivation for age-oriented education and communication to make sure that children gain basic expertise and understanding such as interaction, behaviour, partaking, and so on. It maintains a secure workforce through the diagnosis of infants’ wellness, demeanour, and psychological concerns with recording issues to faculty members or families. The experts shall regularly maintain information concerning child support and practice tasks with infant parents to guide the juvenile toward progression in academic and communicative areas.
•    Infants Facility Planner: This managerial position controls the course coordination, execution, and assessment of the Early Childhood Facilities program encompassing Coursework Teaching Group, Friday Improvement Package, and Summer Camps at selected locations with the inclusion of other courses and activities allocated to them. It is not only limited to these tasks like assignment and unit of competency coordination, goodies, and resource procurement, with area planning. Controls execution of distinct Early Childhood service programs comprising training and nurturing infants within their learning, managing help groups, administering demeanour criterion, and supervising regular operations within specific areas and practice homework. It implements course assessment with the object of program enhancement, support reporting, and purpose of course accomplishment. Broadcasting and Assessment of tasks might involve information recording, on paper success stories, photographs, and a varied range of course-oriented proof. These childcare service controllers guides in the apprenticeship placement of the location subordinate within daily continuing responsibility and monitor towards their general progression and enhancement as Early Childhood Facility Workforce. Such experts teach and administer each volunteer regularly and all trainees as required under this program. 
•    Centre Supervisor: The administrative position requires childcare professionals to manage centre day-to-day tasks and furnish headship within premeditated and operational growth. Such individuals supervise the progression of core policies and development for the successful delivery of hub-oriented activities and facilities. It transports enhancement of methodology, ethics, and peril supervision criterion for ensuring distinctive tutoring, pattern enhancement, and applicants’ health condition. This specialized role monitors workforce skilful progress, learners’ registration, and staff qualification within the designated hub. Some of the primary duties of the centre controller are discussed herein. It advances structural supervision for cross-hub collaboration and conveyance facilities, such experts’ progress involves strategic comprehensive policies to enhance the standard of educational surroundings. The professional focuses on cross-centre associations to improve enterprises and programs. Moreover, it transports development within structure, procedure, functioning, and danger regulatory guidelines. This job role also drives the execution of staffing policies in the organization with updated revised strategies, processes, and principles. In its furtherance, these childcare specialists introduce a methodology to develop patterns and initiatives with the supervision of intensified response from shareholders. It manages the work presentation of its key personnel, administers applicants’ registration status within the centre, and plans yearly professional approaches with a financial plan for the organization.  

Overseas candidates can enter this program if such individuals possess basic qualifications within the childcare industry. It requires aspirants to hold CERT III of Children Care Services or Initial Childhood Academic Support and Facility. It comprises a list of eligibility conditions that applicants must follow such as

  • An applicant should attaina minimum age of 18 years while commencing their academic journey within this course.
  • It requires overseas entrants to show valid proof concerning their English language proficiency by appearing in exams like IELTS Academic with at least 5.5 to 6.0 band or clear equivalent linguistic assessment.
  • The international candidates should finish equivalence subordinate schooling grade up to further education transcript of Year 12 as per Australian curriculum standard or show proof concerning appropriate professional and personal life exposure.
  • Such aspirants shall also satisfy the basic qualifications of a suitable study permit and guide individuals throughout the process of such visa subclass within Australia.
  • An individual must hold a proper and legitimate passport with attached recognized duplicates of educational paperwork including other necessary documents with their enrolment application.  
  • These entry requisites shall involve several supplementary training placements such as a valid police clearance certificate that is necessary for attaining placement, possessing legitimate work with infant assessment credentials, applicants must hold the rational position of well-being to finish labour-intensive and physically challenging operations, like twisting, elating, and stand-up for an extended period.
  • The applicants shall also be required to submit their recent immunization record.

The Diploma in Early Childhood Education and Care Services requires potential overseas students to acquire relevant skills and knowledge within the overall 15 units of competence under this program. It is further divided into 12 core segments and three elective components.

Core Sections Elective Units
•    Administer workforce accomplishment
•    Uphold secure and nurturing surroundings for infants
•    Nurture all-inclusive Children's education, advancement, and health setting
•    Foster creativity within toddlers
•    Expedite acceptance within early childhood academic and support facilities.  
•    Support affirmative and reverent communication withdistinct approach towards juveniles
•    Execute policies for the addition of diverse infants
•    Monitor records to update juvenile education
•    Prepare and execute minor learning and support program
•    Insert eco-friendly accountability within service based tasks
•    Practice employment in collaboration with family members of children
•    Demonstrate and Enhance individual's skilled operation.
•    Advance and apply psychological intellect.
•    Supervise and publicise cultural multiplicity.
•    Manage the workforce operation.


The foreign candidate is an individual who shall not possess citizenship or a perpetual residency grant within Australia but might hold a legitimate and genuine study visa to enter the Australian region or might plan to initiate a student entry permit procedure before commencing the specific program abroad. All overseas applicants who are preparing to start their educational journey in Australia upon receiving a study visa are mandated to attain CoE [Enrolment Confirmation Certificate] beforehand. It is an authorized documentation that is produced by the prescribed authority of PRISMS [Registration Providers and Overseas Scholars Regulatory Scheme] which offers critical data concerning students’ enrolment positions. Such paperwork should be presented to the DHA [Home Affairs Department] before registering for a student permit. An aspirant must possess a valid Enrolment Confirmation Certificate [CoE] consistently while pursuing studies on a study visa in Australian territory.

The program usually conveyed the lecture hall session covering theoretical education which offers applicants an exceptional chance to share notions, debate and seek centre perception with operational expertise before enrolling for training placement. It requires aspirants to deliver an apprenticeship program of up to 20 hours every week. Such potential learners must avail support services apart from training placement like self-learning or practical tasks and timely completion of scheduled examinations. While attending apprenticeship sessions applicants must avail access to the recreational area for studying and carrying out skills such as participating in exercises of everyday physical operation for its customers, usage of tools like cradles, high seats, game zone of infants, shifting bench, and toys beforehand initiation of training placement. The work engagement in this program is outlined to acquire priceless exposure within the practical occupational surroundings. It helps candidates in the completion and attainment of proper feedback within fieldwork arena. This section of training enhances familiarity with workforce prospects and presentations. Such work placement monitors qualified and certified key personnel fishing operations with an advanced understanding about place of work guidelines and processes. It builds a system that might guide aspirants concerning forthcoming opportunities.
The evaluation shall be conducted exclusively. Access to a virtual training portal would be provided to learners for choosing their desired pathway. An applicant will receive a Student Evaluation Package for all competent units which comprises a comprehensive depiction of each evaluation task of component units, this also includes the layout of assessment teaching for each section with evaluation resources for distinct units of the program. It offers information concerning the timeline of specific assessment and their presentation date herein. This course shall include a wide range of assessment schemes used under this prerequisite such as verbal and on-paper questions with scheduled exams, applied presentation, direct screening, case research, assignments, record book, and third-party testimony. 
Applicants are mandated to bring their dependable electronic devices such as laptops, registers, iPads, and processors. It requires individuals to install MS Office sets including MS Excel, PowerPoint Presentation, with MS Word. Such devices should have good internet connectivity like Wi-Fi to study and finish this program. 

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