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Migrating from India to Australia is a dream harbored by numerous individuals and families seeking improved prospects, employment opportunities, an elevated standard of living, and an enhanced quality of life. Australia's renowned educational institutions, thriving urban centers, dynamic economy, and contemporary lifestyle exert a strong pull-on aspiring immigrant from around the world. Furthermore, the country's natural splendor is visually captivating and holds a pivotal role in its biodiversity and conservation efforts. Gifted with an incredibly diverse range of landscapes, including breathtaking beaches, verdant rainforests, and rugged outback regions, Australia boasts one of the planet's most unique ecosystems.

This distinctive fusion of natural magnificence and modern living renders Australia an irresistible destination for those contemplating immigration. Australia consistently ranks among the world's most cosmopolitan nations and boasts some of the finest cities globally, such as Sydney, Melbourne, and Perth. Australia's immigration policies are meticulously crafted, efficient, and notably accommodating to skilled professionals, students, and entrepreneurs, offering multiple pathways for immigration. An array of visa options is available to suit individuals' specific circumstances, ensuring that migration to Australia remains an accessible and attainable goal for aspiring immigrants.

What are the benefits of Migrating to Australia?

Australia has transformed into an enticing destination for numerous Indian migrants, and the reasons for its magnetic pull are abundantly clear. Let's delve into the facets that render Australia such an attractive choice:

Spectacular Landscapes: Australia is no stranger to breathtaking natural wonders, boasting magnificent coastlines, remarkable flora and fauna, and the vast expanses of the rugged Outback. Its diverse terrain includes natural marvels like the Great Barrier Reef and the enchanting Daintree Rainforests.

Competitive Compensation: Australia offers appealing salaries that guarantee a superior quality of life.

World-Class Higher Education: Australia houses globally acclaimed universities that draw students from every corner of the world, ranking as the third most preferred destination for international students, following the United Kingdom and the United States.

Robust Economy: Australia's economy is lauded for its flexibility and robustness, presenting abundant opportunities not only for its citizens but also for immigrants.

Multicultural Tapestry: Australia's multicultural fabric fosters diversity and inclusivity, cultivating a welcoming atmosphere for individuals from every culture, race, faith, and nation.

Career Prospects: Australia presents a wide array of career prospects, making it a compelling choice for professionals seeking advancement.

Diverse Academic Offerings: Whether you are pursuing undergraduate or postgraduate studies, Australia offers a plethora of academic programs to select from. Whether you are seeking the finest law schools, business schools, medical schools, or engineering schools, Australia boasts elite institutions renowned for their excellence.

Accessible Healthcare: Australia delivers accessible and top-tier healthcare services to its residents.

Safety Assurance: The nation has earned an impeccable reputation for safety, ensuring residents enjoy peace of mind.

Government Education Initiatives: Certain policies facilitate accessible education, including free education for eligible residents.

Public-Friendly Policies: The Australian government has implemented policies that prioritize public welfare, encompassing social welfare and healthcare support.

Favorable Climates: Australia's diverse climatic zones cater to various preferences, featuring sunny coastal regions and temperate inland areas.

Work-Life Balance: Australians prioritize achieving a harmonious equilibrium between their professional and personal lives.

Exploring Pathways to Australia

To discern the most suitable route for your Australian aspirations, it is essential to collaborate with top-tier immigration consultants in India. Here are the diverse avenues accessible for your Australian voyage:

  • Visitor Visas: (Subclasses 600 and 651)Tourist Visa, Business Visitor Visa, Sponsored Family Visitor Visa.
  • Student Visas: (Subclass 500) For Indian students planning to study at Australian universities, colleges, or schools.
  • General Skilled Migration (GSM): (Subclass 189, Subclass 190, Subclass 491)The GSM route beckons skilled professionals to make a lasting contribution to Australia. This program operates on a point-based evaluation system, where applicants accrue scores based on predefined criteria. Elevated scores augment the likelihood of securing an invitation for a visa.
  • Family Migration: (Subclasses 309/100 and 820/801, Subclasses 103, 143, and 804, Subclasses 101, 102, 117, and 802)Another avenue to Australia revolves around familial ties, affording the opportunity for family members to facilitate your immigration journey.
  • Business or Investment Pathway to Permanent Residence: (Subclass 188, Subclass 888, Subclass 132)Entrepreneurs and investors can traverse this path to establish their presence in Australia on a permanent basis.
  • University Programs: For individuals whose profiles do not neatly align with the aforementioned categories, enrolling in pertinent programs at Australian universities can also pave the way to the GSM route.

The Australian Skilled Independent Visa stands out as a pathway to Permanent Australian Residency. This visa category operates on a points-based system, tailored for skilled workers aspiring to make a permanent move without requiring sponsorship or nomination from an employer, state, or territory government.

Australia Permanent Residency Visa (PR)

Australian Permanent Residency (PR) is a status that allows people from other countries to live and work in Australia on a permanent basis. It offers numerousadvantages and opportunities for those who hold this status. Some of the rights & benefits that this PR status sanctions are briefly mentioned below: - 

•    Right to live indefinitely in Australia
•    Right to sponsor family members for visit 
•    Social Security Benefits 
•    Healthcare Benefits
•    Premium Education System
•    Eligibility to apply for Australian Citizenship 
•    Subsidized Childcare facilities
•    Right to work 
•    Buy/Sell residential property
•    Travel privileges 
•    Retirement Benefits

It is noteworthy to mention here that Australian Permanent Residency comes with undeniable accountabilities, namely well-timed payment of taxes and obedience to Australian laws. Besides PR holders need to take due care of the visa conditions and renewal requirements to maintain their status.

Skilled Migration in Australia: Your Pathway to Residency

Migrating to Australia is not as simple as packing your bags and taking a flight; it requires a valid reason, whether it's for education, business, work, or family. While gaining acceptance into Australia can be a challenging and intricate process, the country provides clear pathways for skilled professionals and workers seeking Australian residency.

Skilled Independent Visa: Subclass 189

One of the key pathways to Australia is the Skilled Independent Visa Subclass 189. This visa category is designed for skilled individuals who want to make a significant contribution to the Australian economy. It operates on a points-based system, considering factors such as age, qualifications, work experience, and English language proficiency. With this visa, you can live and work in Australia permanently, enjoying the benefits of a vibrant and diverse country. You can also include your spouse and dependent children in the visa application. Prospective applicants must receive an invitation from the Australian Immigration Department to initiate the visa application process. The GSM program offers several visa options, including Subclass 189 and Subclass 190, each catering to specific circumstances and qualifications.

Skilled Nominated Visa – Subclass 190

The Skilled Nominated Visa, also known as Subclass 190, is a points-based visa category tailored for skilled workers seeking permanent migration to Australia with the sponsorship of a state or territory government.

Criteria for Immigration in Australia

The criteria for immigration to Australia varies subjectto the type of visa and immigration pathway chosen. However, mentioned below are some common criteria and factors that the applicant must meet - 

  • Age:-  Age limit of most of the skilled migration visa is 18 - 45 years at the time of application. However, some visas have variations /age exemptions.
  • Meeting the point threshold of 65 points:- The point based System used by Australian Immigration Department mandates a minimum threshold of 65 points to assess eligibility. Points are awarded on various factors as Age, English language proficiency, work experience & educational qualification. 
  • English Language Proficiency:- Proficiency in the English language plays a pivotal role in the Australian point-based system. Enhanced language scores increase the likelihood of securing an invitation& is an important criterion. One may need to prove English Language proficiency by taking tests like PTE/ IELTS.  
  • Meeting the health and character requirements:- All the applicants need to meet the health & character requirements which requires them to undergo a thorough medical examination to ensure it meets Australian standards. Furthermore, it is a mandate to provide police clearance certificate/ Good character certificate for visa approval.  
  • Skills assessment:- The Australian authorities responsible for your nominated occupation undertake an assessment of your education and work experience compared to Australian standards. This process, known as skill assessment& is an important criteria.
  • Some of the other criteria are financial capability, sponsorship & occupations available in the nominated state.  

Points Demand for Australian Immigration

The points demand for Australian immigration signifies the minimum points score that the applicant must attain to be eligible for skilled migration visas. Australia's skilled migration program uses a points-based system to evaluate the prospective immigrant. Various criteria on which points are awarded are age, educational qualifications, English language proficiency, partner skills, profession on demand, Australian education, skilled employment. 

Steps to Achieve Australia PR from India

Obtaining permanent residency in Australia is undeniably enticing, but it involves meticulous and systematic documentation. This intricate process can be streamlined with the expert guidance of Australia immigration consultants in India, such as Jagvimal Consultants. We will systematically guide you through each step of the process:

Application Analysis: Our experts meticulously scrutinize your application to determine the most suitable visa category. We assess your age, educational background, professional experience, English language proficiency, and skill sets to optimize your application.

Eligibility Check: Before proceeding, conducting an eligibility assessment is crucial to ascertain whether your application merits advancement. This step saves time for both applicants and immigration consultants.

Language Proficiency: Proficiency in the English language plays a pivotal role in the Australian point-based system. Enhanced language scores increase the likelihood of securing an invitation.

Skills Assessment: Australian authorities responsible for your nominated occupation conduct an evaluation of your education and work experience against Australian standards. This process, known as skill assessment, is mandatory before submitting an Expression of Interest (EOI).

Expression of Interest (EOI): Submitting the EOI requires precision and technical expertise. Our experts adeptly navigate this process, streamlining EOI submissions and saving time.

Invitation for Visa: The most qualified candidates from the EOI pool are expected to receive official invitations to apply for a visa. Invitations are allocated based on the point-based system, considering factors such as age, qualifications, work experience, and skills.

Visa Application and Approval: Approval is granted once all required documents and information are authentic and submitted as required, allowing you to embark on your journey to Australia.

Submission of Health and Character Certificates: Finally, applicants must submit additional documents, including clearance certificates and passports for visa stamping.

Processing Time for Australian Visa

Generally the processing times are approximate and subject to change depending on varied factors like volume & completeness of application.

Visa Type Processing Time Range
Visitor Visas (Subclass 600/651) 1 to 4 weeks
Student Visas (Subclass 500) 3 to 4 months or longer
Skilled Migration Visas 8 to 18 months or more
- Subclass 189  
- Subclass 190  
- Subclass 491  
Partner Visas (309/100, 820/801) 18 to 24 months or longer
Parent Visas 2 to 30 years (Contributory vs. Non-Contributory)
Employer-Sponsored Visas 6 to 12 months or more
- Subclass 482  
- Subclass 186  
Business and Investment Visas 12 to 24 months or more
- Subclass 188  
- Subclass 132  

How can we at Jagvimal Consultants & Management Services (P) Ltd. assist you?

Looking to navigate the intricacies of Australian immigration? At Jagvimal Consultants & Management Services (P) Ltd., we bring years of experience and expertise as Australia immigration consultants for permanent resident visas. 

We at Jagvimal Consultants & Management Services Private Limited deal with all types of Australian visas including permanent and temporary visa applications. The range of Australian visas we may well assist you with our Australian Skilled Migration, Business Visa, Partner and Spouse Visa & other visa types. With over a decade of experience into the Australian immigration System, our team is inspired to be absolutely transparent, straightforward, honest, and client-centered - centred thus ensuring each immigration process is as smooth as possible. With a plethora of information easily available, finding the accurate and correct visa pathway often poses challenges on the applicant however with JVC’s Immigration specialists, you can be rest assured that you are in safe hands. Our team has up-to-date knowledge and the latest updates of migration laws and rules, and are very well equipped to apply them wisely to individual circumstances. Dealing the clients with professionalism, and providing seamless immigration solutions, while ensuring high-quality of services is our prime forte. So, if you are competent and envision yourself in Australia, don’t wait, let’s apply for Australian permanent residency (PR) right now. Book your consultation today!

We transform your migration dream into reality! We are just a call away...Contact our experts.
Here's how Jagvimal Consultants can support you:

Case Analysis: Our initial consultation involves a thorough exploration of your case, goals, and background, allowing us to provide guidance on eligible visa categories.

Application Assessment: After gathering essential information, we conduct an in-depth assessment of your application to extract pertinent data for document preparation.

Document Preparation: We assist you in gathering all the necessary documents for each step of the process, ensuring a seamless application.

Profile Creation: We create a concise summary of your profile, rigorously review it, and verify it to prevent errors during the process.

Skill Assessment for Australia: For those following the General Skilled Migration (GSM) pathway, we facilitate the skill assessment by the relevant Australian authorities or professional bodies, aligning it with your nominated occupation.

Expression of Interest Submission (EOI): Submitting the EOI requires precision, and our experts navigate this process adeptly, streamlining the submission to save you time.

Documentation Support: Our dedicated team member remains in constant communication with you to facilitate document collection and organization according to your selected visa category.

Letter Drafting: If necessary, we assist in drafting letters for engagement with relevant Australian authorities or immigration officers, expediting your file under the fast-track category.

Visa Application Assistance: We offer comprehensive guidance on the essential documents required for visa lodgment, meticulously cross-verifying them to ensure a successful submission.

Interview Preparation: We prepare you for potential complexities in your application and equip you to present yourself effectively during the visa interview.

Post Visa Services: Our support extends beyond visa approval, providing guidance on travel arrangements, accommodation in Australia, educational opportunities, employment prospects, and healthcare facilities.

At Jagvimal Consultants, we are committed to simplify your immigration journey with expert guidance and tailored support. Your visa application file is in capable hands, so don't delay—visit us to expedite your application process.

Commence your journey to Australia with conviction...!!

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